The first week of the Easter holidays (or Spring break as it is technically called) is over and it feels like it has gone in a blur. I haven’t had much time to update things here so some of the pics go back a couple of weeks now. Football seems to be the main recurring theme. Both boys are at their happiest with a ball.


Luke is occasionally prepared to be in the audience.SAM_2352

I am trying anything to turn the fortunes of my beloved Killie around. Surely cuteness has got to bring some sort of luck???SAM_2376SAM_2379SAM_2380

Scott is living and breathing football and watching it or playing it is all he really wants to do at the moment. He went to a football camp at West Kilbride this week. It was rained off early on Monday, but he went again on Tuesday and Thursday. He was keen to stay for a full day, but I felt that was still a bit long for him to fend for himself. He did look a bit wee at times compared to the other kids.


Surely child size bibs must be obtainable!!!SAM_2431SAM_2433SAM_2435SAM_2446SAM_2447SAM_2449SAM_2450SAM_2451SAM_2452SAM_2453 He really loved it and choosing his strip for the day was a major part of it too! It worked in nicely for me as well as while he was playing, I took Luke for a run. I got a slight change of scenery from my usual runs:IMG_0763

After being rained off early on Monday we went for an afternoon session at Funworld and Scott ended up spending most of his time in here:SAM_2399SAM_2403He had a brief pause away from football to have a go on the cars:SAM_2421SAM_2420

Funworld is my preferred option softplay wise for the baby area. Luke loves the balls.SAM_2424SAM_2423SAM_2414SAM_2407SAM_2405

Hopefully he will soon be moving about a bit more himself. I am not sure if he is going to crawl or not. He sometimes seems very close and he is very agile rolling about and getting from his tummy back on to his bottom.SAM_2438

I had to take Scott to an appointment on Wednesday so we had a nice day just the two of us. We headed to the Galleon swimming and stayed in till we were like prunes. Scott went down the flume forwards, backwards, head first and had a great time.SAM_2443

We have also had a trip to the Lego shop last week and treated it like a play area!SAM_2395SAM_2386

I haven’t done any proper baking for a while as time has been short, but I thought I would try a thing I saw by Bake Off Australia winner Monique who makes scones with a “tinny of lemonade” and a tub of cream. She made it look easy and as I have found making big fluffy scones impossible throughout my baking life, I thought I would try this quick fix. Sadly it didn’t work for me and I am still left with unrisen (not particularly tasty either this time!) lumps. Oh well, back to the baking board!SAM_2384

Luke has (touch wood) been eating really well lately and I seem to be getting some fruit purees that he will accept. He also likes finger fruits. Apple or kiwi? What to choose?SAM_2362SAM_2358SAM_2356

He is also becoming a right wee moocher and food is definitely not to be left unattended! Luckily Scott was happy to share his toast:SAM_2367SAM_2365

I am hoping that next week brings some nicer weather so we can enjoy a bit more of this face:SAM_2464SAM_2463SAM_2462SAM_2460SAM_2458SAM_2457




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