Easter weekend

Luke loves playing ball. “Ball” may even be a first word.SAM_2240SAM_2242SAM_2243SAM_2244SAM_2247SAM_2248He is really quite good at the game, but not crawling means he does a lot of reaching and falling.

Crawling or not, this little man gets up to his fair share of mischief. This is what happens when you don’t supervise your kids……SAM_2250SAM_2249

Luke was one of the few Scotland supporters for the game against the Czech Republic last week:SAM_2251

Finally something to smile about there!SAM_2258

It was nice to have a 4 day weekend to spend with both of the boys and to take a bit more time to get going. Apparently this tent “just popped out” into the living room:SAM_2264

Scott enjoyed helping me with some baking:SAM_2266And with feeding Luke his lunch:SAM_2268

We also fit in a quick trip to the park on Friday:SAM_2270SAM_2271

We had some fun decorating eggs on Saturday. The mess did push me right out of my comfort zone though! I stripped Luke down to his nappy and let him play about with the paint and paper. What I didn’t bargain for was that Scott thought it would be fun to paint Luke’s back to add to the general mess and chaos!SAM_2282SAM_2284SAM_2286

Yoda, Luke Skywalker and a monster man:SAM_2290

After our art work we headed to Wonderworld for some softplay time:SAM_2298SAM_2300

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny brought Scott his coveted Liverpool strip.It was certainly a palava getting Scott to find where the Easter Bunny had hidden it. I sneaked up in the morning and put it under his pillow. Billy told him to pat his pillow 3 times and see what happened.He did this, but still seemed oblivious to the fact it was under the pillow! Eventually we had to tell him to flip his pillow over before he finally discovered it.SAM_2305

Our baking endeavours were all for my mum and dad’s ruby wedding anniversary. We made a red velvet cake topped and sandwiched with cream cheese frosting. I then covered it with ready rolled icing and decorated with a lovely cake topper and ribbon I sourced on-line.SAM_2262SAM_2309SAM_2280SAM_2314

We also made some regular vanilla cupcakes – some with vanilla buttercream, some with strawberry buttercream and some with store cupboard icing. We topped them all with fun ruby wedding rice paper cut outs.


On Easter Monday we went to Stirling to cross off another castle from our list. Scott had a great time imagining the military scenarios that could occur!SAM_2316SAM_2319A spot of lunch with the smilers:SAM_2321SAM_2322SAM_2324

The Children’s Tour was also a big hit with plenty of suitably gruesome tales:SAM_2325

King of the Castle:SAM_2329SAM_2332

It has been a busy few days and I still feel like I am catching up with the “stolen hour” when the clocks went forward at the weekend!

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