10 months old and Sport Relief

Sport Relief is a fundraising occasion that I always enjoy because there are always lots of fun events happening. Luke’s swim class had a superhero theme and the Turtle Tots sessions across various venues manage to raise over £4000. Luke dressed up as Captain America and borrowed Scott’s shield.

SAM_2180SAM_2179SAM_2176Billy gave me a row for putting a cape on him. Captain America doesn’t wear a cape. D’oh!

On Sunday we did the Sport Relief run at Inverclyde. This was Scott’s 4th time (1st time he was in utero!) We went with a Bat theme:SAM_2220


The pre run stuff is always good fun with lots of activities going on and of course, the pre-race warm-up:SAM_2229SAM_2226SAM_2225SAM_2224

Billy carried Luke round for a mile and I did 2 miles with Scott:

SAM_2232I finished off with 4 laps by myself. I went at a challenging pace (around 7.20 minute miles) and I am starting to feel the itch of being race ready. I am slightly concerned about peaking too soon for a race I hope to do round Cumbrae in May. I am kind of at a sweet spot just now that probably isn’t going to get much better.


Our Lukey Lukester is now 10 months old. He is generally a very happy wee chappy, but prefers to have someone playing with him and he can get a bit cross if I walk past him and don’t pick him up and interact.SAM_2191SAM_2201SAM_2197SAM_2196

He imitates sounds he hears us making and particularly likes making a kissy noise. I swear we can almost communicate in code! He is very close to saying “ball” and “bath” Two of his very favourite things. He gets so excited rolling a ball back and forth to one of us.


He is also a big fan of cars:


And books:SAM_2213SAM_2210

He likes touching the pages himself, but also loves being read to. Luke also likes nursery rhymes. His favourites are Hickory Dickory Dock (which we do at Turtle Tots) and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. He knows to lean back and forward for this and does it himself.

We still have no sign of crawling, but he manuevers himself about on his bottom and reaches for things he wants:


He can go particularly fast on the kitchen floor. This is what happens when you don’t supervise your kids…..

SAM_2206SAM_2202Luke usually eats quite well, but same days are better than others. He still favours finger foods – especially bits of meat! He copes very well with a sausage or a bit of chicken, despite being toothless. He has two naps a day – anything from about half an hour to two hours at a time. All being well, he wakes up twice at night – about 12am and about 4am and then usually wakes for the day between 6 and 7am. Scott occasionally has a long lie till after 8am these days – but never on weekends or holidays!!




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