Being Active

We have had an active few days. The lovely weather has taken us outside and Scott has spent most of the last few days outside playing. He loves kicking a ball around and runs around shouting he is playing for various teams from Chelsea to Dundee with scores reaching up to the high teens at times. The boys were dressed in their “Pools” strips on Saturday for Scott’s football. Luke is in Blackpool (formerly Scott’s) and Scott is in Liverpool. He isn’t daft. After watching the Liverpool, Manchester United game last Thursday he has announced the need for a “home strip” now!


Luke enjoys playing with a ball too and can roll a ball back to us. He is still shuffling about on his bottom, getting himself into bother and over-reaching for things and ending up face first.SAM_2091SAM_2086SAM_2090

He loves playing with the dominoes:SAM_2099SAM_2096

He babbles away most of the time and is definitely getting close to a few words. I think he is going to like cars like his brother did at that age.


I moved his ball pool into the bathroom the other day while I took a bath and it worked pretty well in terms of keeping him happy and occupied.SAM_2107

He kept trying to open the cupboard door, but the ball pool stopped it from opening thankfully.SAM_2103SAM_2102

I will one day learn my lesson, but this is what happens when you don’t supervise your kids:SAM_2067SAM_2094

No wonder I get this cheeky face:SAM_2060SAM_2063

Always up to mischief of some sort:SAM_2065

This picture seemed kind of familiar when I took it the other day:SAM_2074This is why:

2011 pic of Scott (Scott in 2011)

I am starting to feel a nice level of fitness again and feel in a good place with my running. I may not be fast, but I feel fairly comfortable on most runs and felt good on a 9 mile run in fabulous conditions. I also hope to get in more family walks now we have ourselves a backpack style carrier for Luke. We took a trip up Knock Hill on Sunday to test it out.



Despite some low level grumbling and Scott’s sour face in these pics, Scott enjoyed himself and at one point declared it “the best day of his life.” I accept that may have been a little bit of hyperbole, but he did enjoying roaming through the wilds himself a bit.SAM_2135SAM_2136SAM_2140SAM_2143


Snack stops also proved popular:SAM_2130

Harder work for some than others…SAM_2127

We even encountered a bit of wildlife. Signs of spring:SAM_2138

Heading to the peak:


The top:


Luke even managed a wee nap so Billy had his melodic snore in his ear for some of the journeySAM_2133

I liked this sign:SAM_2134

I had a wee shot of carrying the sack of potatoes too:


All in all, it was a successful trip and we only had a five minute journey home afterwards. Ideal!



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