Moving along

Luke is becoming more mobile which means more bumps, more scrapes and a whole lot more trouble. He still isn’t crawling, but he has started to pull himself up on things.SAM_2021


Much to Scott’s chagrin, Luke likes nothing more than messing about with things, mixing them up and knocking them over. We tried to warn Scott that his careful arrangement of cars was only going to end one way in Luke’s company:SAM_2034Scott attempted to put Luke in a corner to imprison him, but it didn’t work!

We keep finding Luke in this position, but he can’t quite figure out moving forward as yet.SAM_2014SAM_1991

He has learned to get the fridge open though. Spring onion is tasty enough to eat on its own apparently! This is what happens when you don’t supervise your kids….SAM_1992

To keep him out of trouble, we put Luke in a box.SAM_2043

He didn’t seem to mind and joined in with a game of peek-a-boo:SAM_2044SAM_2045

We finished reading War Horse with Scott and watched the film. He was captivated with both the book and the film. At late notice we found out that Scott was to dress up for World Book Day so Scott asked to dress up as Captain Nicholls from War Horse. It was not possible to organise a WW1 officer’s uniform within the time frames so we talked him into the Albert and Joey idea. We picked up a hobby horse on the local buy and sell page and picked up some hay from the garden centre. It is amazing how a set of braces can create a whole new look!SAM_2003SAM_2007SAM_2002SAM_2008SAM_2009

These are my faves:SAM_2005SAM_2010

We have now moved on to Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo and Scott is loving it as well. It does lead to him picking up phrases that he picked up from the part of the book  that features the WW1 recruiting office such as “We’re going to stuff the Germans”, “We’ll stick it to them.” He adapts these phrases fo use in anything from football games to a game of dominoes! He also says “waste not want not” in whatever context, appropriate or not!

We have been making good use of the library lately to pick up Scott’s reading materials:SAM_2028

Luke still loves going swimming and we are enjoying our last few swim classes together. He has been doing great and can swim underwater by himself for the count of 5. This is a wee bit scary, but pretty awesome at the same time.IMG_0696

The nose is currently a lot worse than in this picture. He split it open again so he looks very battered 😦SAM_2001SAM_1997

Last Sunday was Mothers’ Day so I made my mum a Baileys Cheesecake. It has a chocolate digestive and Oreo base. Just 3 tablespoons of Baileys are in the cream mix, but a little goes a long way. It is topped with melted chocolate and sprinkles:SAM_2040SAM_2039

Sunday was also cousin Jude’s birthday so the boys very much enjoyed his party at the softplay.SAM_2055SAM_2056SAM_2051SAM_2053SAM_2049

Friday is pizza night in our house. Luke likes to join in with his own baby pizzas. (Toasted English muffin topped with passata and cheese.) What a mess!SAM_2033SAM_2032

Cleaning up afterwards can be challenging……




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