Happy games

Luke loves to play peek-a-boo. I often hide behind things and watch him peering round or over the object to try and find me.SAM_1885SAM_1886SAM_1883

That and making silly noises can make him laugh and laugh:



Clattering and banging things also passes the time:SAM_1891SAM_1889

Sadly, I think Luke plays a lot better when I am not in the room. When I am with him he can be quite demanding, but when I sneak off and leave him to it he usually plays away contentedly for a while.



He does have a bit of a tendency to get himself into a pickle though when he over-reaches for things:


Luke also enjoyed a story with Grandpa when we visited on the way home from swimming:


It has been great to have another couple of days of lovely sunshine. Scott had football on Saturday morning and he tried out some of the mix and match football gear I picked up for him:



We then had a trip to the park:SAM_1958SAM_1959SAM_1963SAM_1956

I may have celebrated a once every four years kind of birthday this past week so I was treated to lunch at Cafe Andaluz on Friday with two of my menfolk. (Scott was in school!)


I also got some birthday trainers – Brooks Adrenaline. This is a move away from my usual New Balance show, but I couldn’t get the ones that I need so fingers crossed these ones will work out for me:SAM_1984SAM_1987

My second birthday lunch included all my boys at the Butterfly and Pig Tearooms. We enjoyed the lovely afternoon tea and even had a doggy bag of uneaten cakes and sandwiches to take home with us.SAM_1965

Afterwards we enjoyed the sunshine at Glasgow Green:


We had a quick burl round the People’s Palace:


Scott was much more interested in the Winter Gardens which quickly became the scene for jungle warfare in WW2.


Luke slept through the trip to Glasgow Green and the Palace so we took him outside onto the grass when we got home. He seemed to like the feel of the grass and wasn’t too bothered about sticking to the mat.SAM_1981

I took this pic to show Scott that he wouldn’t get exclusive access rights to the television for much longer. Since this picture was taken we have got the big box back in situ in front of the TV as the Lukester has discovered the wires and the piles of DVDs, not to mention all those buttons!!!


Coming soon – more messes, more trouble from this wee one……..



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