Starting them young

Fuzzy hair head made a reappearance this week:SAM_1782SAM_1783SAM_1787

I also had a different boy as a running buddy. I left Luke at home and Scott came running with me instead. The weather was lousy and Scott had been stuck in with not much chance to burn off energy. Boys, like dogs, need to be exercised daily so off we went!

Despite appearances, I wasn’t half asleep. One day Billy will take a nice photo of me!!!SAM_1797

One mile later:SAM_1799The terrible conditions didn’t put him off too much and Scott has asked a few times to do it again. We did another run in more pleasant conditions on Wednesday.

Talking of starting them young, Luke had his first taste of Killie supporting this week. In typical Killie fashion, they were knocked out of the cup in the last minute of the game. I have a feeling that this wee man better get used to this!SAM_1795SAM_1796

The extended afternoon light and a wee bit of sunshine has been pleasant and I am enjoying getting some nicer walks:



That being said, we managed to get back to the horrible wind and rain at the weekend which forced us back to the softplay:SAM_1852SAM_1851

Scott is getting more and more into football (which is no disappointment to me or Billy!) and is increasingly interested in different players and teams. This is why he ended up in a Barcelona top which is a  little on the small side. He did ask me who would win if Barca played Killie so he may have a bit to learn!SAM_1859SAM_1853

Luke enjoys playing with Jenga and is also now liking the post box which has been a much loved toy in this house for a few years. The pirate ship and cannon are also still on the go.


Luke can now give us a wave and he also responds to a request for a cuddle:SAM_1812

I finally got round to the baking I had intended for Valentine’s Day – Paul’s Iced Fingers. This is a baked good that I just love. Sweet bread rolls, iced and filled with whipped cream and jam. So tasty. Even if I do say so myself 🙂SAM_1834

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