9 months old




Our little Luke has now been “out” for as long as he was “in”. He is becoming more and more vocal and lets his voice be heard when he wants to express a like or a dislike. He is not crawling and we are not sure if he is going to, but he gets about by shuffling along on his bottom. We have to be careful about what we leave about now and he likes nothing more than making a right good mess.

Dragging and tipping things is big fun:SAM_1717


I often take him upstairs to play in his room in the mornings as that is when it is nice and bright in that side of the house.SAM_1752SAM_1728SAM_1748SAM_1722SAM_1753


He is still toothless, but still favours chomping through finger foods rather than spoon feeding. He loves sausages and bits of potato and bread. I have tried some more fruit compotes with some minor success today with a strawberry, apple and apricot blend. Whenever he is being spoon fed he also needs to have a bit of finger food on the go. His night-time sleeping is still erratic. We had a lovely night of sleep from 7.30-5.30, but then then next time he was back to 2 hourly wakenings. Some nights it seems that both boys are conspiring to slowly kill us through sleep deprivation as we are up and down from one to the other. I am praying that it settles down a bit before I go back to work and need to be up at 6 or else it really will kill me!

One of his 5 a day:SAM_1759

I have loved the wee bit of winter sunshine we have had in the past week and am looking forward to taking the boys to the park and getting Luke in a swing. I have had the pleasure of a more pleasant walk to get Scott at school.SAM_1755

I couldn’t really argue when Scott wanted to linger a bit to play football before we headed home:IMG_0666

The brighter weather has always been lovely to run in and I have managed some good runs in the past week. I downloaded a new interval training workout out which is challenging, but good for speed work. I also did an 8 miler on Sunday which is the longest I have ran in a while. It has got my taste for racing back and I foresee that me and a marathon may just meet again one day! We also had our first flat tyre on the pram which Billy ably repaired with his newly purchased puncture repair kit.

I took the boys to the softplay at Heads of Ayr on Saturday. For once, I was disappointed in the farm park. It was far too busy and I struggled to get a place to park our stuff or feed Luke his lunch. I ended up hovering over a high chair to feed him and it was difficult to keep track of Scott. The visit wasn’t a complete bust though as the boys seemed to have a good enough time.


Scott’s war games have been boosted by the addition of an American tank and soldiers and yes he sleeps with the fugures on duty on the sides of his bed!SAM_1742SAM_1732SAM_1741SAM_1737

Scott was my date for the Goosebumps movie on Valentines Day while Billy walked around the shops with Luke. Scott loved it so no doubt we will be moving on to R. L. Stine very soon….SAM_1781

I didn’t forget Billy. I made some sweets for my sweet:SAM_1775







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