New toys and new tricks

Luke started off last week in a musical mood:



I am gradually bringing out new toys for him to look at:SAM_1646


But he is still drawn to some old favourites:



We are starting to see more attempts at movement and he has started shuffling along on his bottom:SAM_1624


Scott’s toys still carry a lot of interest too:




And Luke loves it all the more when Scott joins in and plays with him:SAM_1633SAM_1630


Though sometimes Luke is a wee bit confused about what game it is they’re playing:SAM_1643

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get Luke to nap in the house so I was a little surprised when he fell asleep mid bounce:


Luke’s eating is still a bit of a source of frustration to me. He still much prefers finger foods and will often balk at a spoon without even trying the food being profered. He refuses every type of fruit compote I have made and will only eat fruit in chunks or chips – banana, pear, orange. This of course makes me a little concerned that he is not eating enough fruit.


On Saturday, I took the boys soft playing. I spent the time with Luke as Scott was off rampaging about with a big group of kids he fell in with:


I checked up on Scott every now and then and heard him shouting at a boy that he judged to be misbehaving that he would “be going to borstal.” This has come from our latest reading adventure from Michael Morpurgu. We discovered his books recently and Scott is loving them. He is on the waiting list for War Horse from the library, but he really enjoyed Not Bad for a Bad Lad which is a grandpa recounting his tales of youth which involves a stint in borstal. Scott is very interested in the whole borstal thing and asked me where the Largs borstal is. Let’s hope he never finds out!!!

Scott got new football boots recently and he is very proud of them. He calls them his Messi Boots. Maybe some of the Messi talent can rub off and he can keep his mum and dad in their old age!



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