Moving On

I am starting to think that if I can have one week when I don’t have a cold it will be a miracle. I seem to be bouncing from one infection to the next. Luke and I must be constantly cross infecting each other and it feels like my immune system has taken a right battering. We seem to be back to 2 hourly wakenings during the night again which probably isn’t helping. Fortunately after a bad night on Saturday and still feeling under the weather on Sunday, Billy took the boys out for most of the day and this gave me a chance to recharge a bit. It also gave me the time to sort out Luke’s next round of clothes – 9-12 months – and box the old stuff up. I hate putting away the old stuff. It makes me so sad! Again, thankfully, Billy has taken charge of delivering the batches of clothes to the Barnardos children shop for me as I can’t face it!

This meant there was a massive pile of storage stuff to get ironed. Unfortunately a lot of the hand-me-downs from Scott are t-shirts which I am guessing there won’t be much chance to wear in the next 3 months.


Luke is continuing to keep me on my toes and he is continuing to enjoy Scott’s toys….





Though he does play with his own toys too…



Scott is still playing great with the fort that Santa brought. He comes up with ever more elaborate battle plans and now poses the action so I can take photos!


Scott is now also obsessed with WW1 and I have promised him a tank as a reward in 7 days. We have been reading a book about the war and he is very interested. As a pacifist I am a tad uncomfortable with this militaristic phase, but as a historian, I am as proud as punch!

We have also been reading more Roald Dahl. Scott loved Fantastic Mr Fox which we read over 3 nights. Definite testament to the evocative nature of Dahl’s writing was that Scott declared that he “needed meat” while we were reading it. The description of succulent meats and roast chickens etc was too much for him.


I have been back to making some sweet treats the past week. I made a frozen yogurt layer cake. This is simply fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries) blended with yogurt in separate layers. Each layer has to be frozen in the tin one at a time before the next layer is applied.


There were a few issues cutting it, mind!SAM_1557

I have had these Melting Moments on my “saved” list for a while and finally got to make them on Friday. They taste nice, but are every crumbly.  Recipe is here if you want to give it a try:


Billy’s mum had her birthday last week, so I made a Strawberry cheesecake. I was pleased with the final consistency which is usually my main issue in cheesecake making.SAM_1511SAM_1508

How about a nice full night of sleep tonight Lukester?

Yeah, thought so….


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