That’s what you get

I asked Scott to get Luke some socks the other day as I had forgotten to bring them down. He got these red ones and it bothered me all day as they don’t match his outfit, but I didn’t have the heart to burst Scott’s bubble!SAM_1418

To be fair, I don’t think Luke was bothered.SAM_1419

He so enjoys Scott’s room. Unfortunately, once he starts moving we won’t be able to let him play up here much except under very close supervision due to the stairs and small toys.





Scott is going through a bit of a phase of thinking that Luke “deserves” the same treatment as he metes out. In other words, if Scott thinks that Luke has messed up his toys, he will break up Luke’s Ninky Nonk or knock over a tower and say, “That’s what you get, Luke.” Luke tends to think this is another great game and laughs.

Luke’s favourite kitchen toys are a whisk and a metal spoon:SAM_1457SAM_1456SAM_1455

He batters away quite merrily. Luke has a bit of a hair pulling thing going on if anyone comes too close. Scott has fallen foul of this a few times and ends up trapped in Luke’s clutches. Hilariously the other day as Luke had handfuls of Scott’s hair and Scott was bent over in Luke’s lap, Scott started hitting him (gently mind!) with the whisk to get him to stop. Again, Luke thought this was the greatest game ever!

Trouble? Who me?!SAM_1438SAM_1429

The remote control is a favourite living room toy! SAM_1459SAM_1458

Luke also loves playing peek-a-boo. I was peeping up at him here from behind the door:SAM_1461SAM_1462

Scott, meanwhile loves to be embroiled in the most elaborate games of forts imaginable. When I am playing with him, I get told what I have to say and he constantly begins every sentence with “Pretend that….”



Scott is also trying to teach Luke to crawl. He is literally going for a “carrot” approach!


On Friday, we had an after school treat at Nardinis:


I am trying to run a bit harder so that I can feel a bit of progress in terms of speed. Sadly I fear it may be downhill in that regard from now on! 😦

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