8 months

Luke is now 8 months old.SAM_1397SAM_1380


His hair seems to have taken a bit of a wispy turn the past few days! I am putting it down to all the hat and hood wearing in the cold weather. His hand-eye co-ordination is steadily improving and he still enjoys the Octons.

I got the ball pool out and that has also gone down well:


While Scott is at school, I will play with his toys…..SAM_1369

To be fair, Scott is usually fairly encouraging of Luke playing with his toys. Luke is still stationary at the moment so he can’t get in to full on grab mode yet.

While I was making tea on Saturday, Scott did some photography:


This selfie is only one of three Scott pictures I have this week. He has not been replaced in my heart, honest!!!SAM_1410

The other two come from a trip to Kimbles. It is amazing how good a “colouring in” job can be done when a free lolly is the reward!


Luke at 8 months loves playing with stacking toys and enjoys easy to hold things like toy cars. He is becoming quite vocal and always turns his head, sometimes looking round corners or objects to see what is going on. He loves it when Scott engages with him. He usually eats two good meals a day, lunch tends to be more patchy and he doesn’t seem too hungry. Sleeping has been somewhat patchy too since he was ill at New Year. He is up about 3 times a night at the moment after settling down at about 8pm. He usually first wakes between 11-12. This is quite tough as I ideally want to be asleep by 11, but end up kind of waiting for him to wake. During the day, he typically has a morning and an afternoon nap of varying lengths.SAM_1400


I have been using my new cookery books a fair bit for meal inspiration, but haven’t done much baking. I did a quick Banoffee traybake last week which still has a few pieces remaining, so probably not a winner this time:


Scott and I took Luke’s footprint on Saturday. This was no easy feat! Trying to explain to Scott that he did not have to paint the top of Luke’s foot too….SAM_1413SAM_1412

My running mileage has been reduced over the last couple of weeks and I have been doing more interval training/HIT workouts indoors. I am hoping that this may actually be having a positive effect. It definitely doesn’t feel as refreshing as getting out for a run, but maybe it is making me stronger. I recorded a PB over a 5 and a half mile run pram pushing last week.SAM_1367

Scott suggested that Luke could carry a whip to make us go faster!

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