Big boy toys

Having a big brother means that Luke often plays with “big boy” toys.SAM_1287

This was a favourite that he discovered recently. He is also gripping a new favourite food – orange.SAM_1314 SAM_1313

The favourite game at the moment though has to be building towers. He adores a tower being built and it being put in front of him then taken away, then eventually brought back to knock down.SAM_1306 SAM_1303 SAM_1301 SAM_1300 SAM_1299 SAM_1298The delight is genuine!

Thankfully, Luke’s eating is pretty much back to normal after a week of refusing most foods. He still tends to favour finger foods. I try to give him a few finger foods with his meals. He loves potato waffles, will chew happily on bits of meat and he likes rice cakes and puffs. I also made some “baby pizzas” at the weekend which we all enjoyed.SAM_1290

Scott is forever dressing up at the moment and goes through several costume changes a day. The cowboy seems to be winning as the costume of choice. (Essential for watching Westerns. I also had to talk Scott out of wearing his waistcoat to school. This is definitely his favourite item of clothing!!!)SAM_1356

We finally joined in with all the Pie Face gaming that has been going on in so many households since Christmas. Scott loved it though he doesn’t quite get the rules and just wants to take it in turns to get cream on the face.SAM_1293 SAM_1294

I have been doing more HIT workouts due to poor weather, having both boys etc. I am thinking it is probably no bad thing in terms of mixing things up and improve my fitness. It is amazing how much energy can be expended moving around a small square of my dining room.

Scott likes to watch, photograph and laugh at this performance. He tells me off if my form is not as good as that displayed on screen.SAM_1326 SAM_1328 SAM_1329 SAM_1334

We all went swimming at On-x in Linwood on Sunday and I put Luke in this seat while I was drying my hair. He looked kind of big!IMG_0633I am trying to make the most of my time with this fella. Time is marching on and I know this is time I won’t get back. He is changing so fast and I don’t want to miss a thing.


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