Playing through the pain

All things Christmas have been put away for another year and we are preparing for the commencement of the usual routines. I don’t necessarily feel I made the most of the holidays in terms of getting out and about and taking the boys places, but it was what it was. I haven’t felt great the past couple of weeks and have struggled to get moving. I seem to have done a fair bit of cooking and baking, but I have not been diligent enough to photograph. I am enjoying looking through my new cookery books and making some new stuff, though everything I make seems to be met with disdain by Scott at the moment. Scott is certainly in to taking the pictures at the moment.

SAM_1241SAM_1240There is many a candid shot that has been safely deleted over the past few days! This was when I was “doing my exercises.” A High Intensity Training workout from YouTube. I have done this a few times when getting out for a run has been difficult with Billy working and having both boys etc. I can squeeze it in while Luke naps and Scott frequently runs in laughing at me and occasionally taking pics!

We have all been struggling with colds and our littlest man was hit hardest. He had a terrible night on Friday and woke up with a soaring temperature. After a phonecall to NHS 24 we ended up heading to Adoc for our seemingly annual seasonal trip! Luke has improved significantly since and is almost back to normal. I just need to get him eating again. I feel as though we are back to square one in that department.

A bit miserable during the fever:SAM_1254SAM_1251SAM_1257

Smiling through the pain:SAM_1275SAM_1277

Scott has been enjoying some down time and I am sure he has watched way too much television. Westerns are the main viewing material of choice at the moment, but he also watched Robin Hood. What I do love, is that he tailors his clothing to match what he is watching. He darted upstairs for his knight costume to watch Robin Hood.SAM_1239

He has also had fun playing with his Christmas toys and the fort and wagon from Santa have definitely gone down well:SAM_1248SAM_1249(The sheriff waistcoat is still very much de rigour!)

It has been nice to spend some time surrounded by toys with the boys:SAM_1267SAM_1269


I think Luke is going to take after his brother with the love of toy cars. He is fascinated with the new Hotwheels sets!!!

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