Ist Christmas as 4

As another Christmas passes I wonder again about all the months of planning and calculating that I put in! Oh well, the boys seemed to enjoy it.

We celebrated the start of the school holidays with a trip to Nardinis for ice-cream:SAM_1137

It has been nice to have a few days of not rushing out the door in the mornings and it has meant more time for this:SAM_1120

Christmas Eve was mainly spent getting organised for the big day. While we baked some biscuits, Luke had a wee play:


Scott was suitably anxious about Santa staying away on Christmas Eve if he did not get to bed so he went down without too much fuss. We then had a couple of hours setting up the living room for the next day which led to a late night. Unfortunately, Luke had his worst night for a while so we were not exactly well rested on Christmas morning.

Billy kept Scott chatting in bed for half an hour till 7am which was a major achievement. The magic of Christmas was definitely evident as Scott was convinced he heard Santa downstairs!

Spying the fort and wagon that Santa lovingly built:SAM_1150


Luke with his “Ninky Nonk”:SAM_1151

SAM_1165And some paper:SAM_1174SAM_1173SAM_1172

A little helping hand to open presents:SAM_1169

Billy playing with the new toys (photo credit Scott):SAM_1175

Christmas Day visiting:SAM_1177

We then had a quiet couple of days after Christmas. Scott has had a bad cough and Billy was exhausted and recovering from a busy few weeks at work. I didn’t feel great with a fuzzy head and cold between Boxing Day and the day after. The terrible weather and lack of places open meant we stayed home on Boxing Day which meant we definitely had to get out the next day, if only to softplay:SAM_1181SAM_1178

I know that I am sharing Luke eating pics most weeks, but I am equally disgusted and fascinated by the boy!SAM_1237SAM_1236

Most days he is eating well and he eats lots of what we eat. He seems to be following his brother down the road of loving pasta. He had his first experience of sucking in spaghetti yesterday. Classic!


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One Response to Ist Christmas as 4

  1. Ngan says:

    It was a lovely Christmas that you had 🙂 I always love photos of Luke’s eating. It is cute! It was terrible weather over Christmas most of the time so we did stay inside lots too.

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