Christmas countdown

Our week before Christmas has been quite jam-packed again. It has been mostly good in amongst the usual stresses of planning and the essential business of making sure we are all washed, clothed and fed on a daily basis. Billy has been working crazy hours which has been tough on him and has meant that I am having to try and take the boys out as much as possible during the day to let him sleep. On Friday, Billy started at 3am and didn’t finish till 1.30pm, so I tried to keep Scott occupied and out of his way a bit after school by making Christmas candy canes:

Marshmallows pushed on to candy canes:SAM_1048

Then we had to melt chocoalte and decorate. Scott photographed me melting some chocolate:SAM_1050

Scott’s big job was decorating and I know I will one day learn my lesson about letting him loose with sprinkles. What a mess!!SAM_1052SAM_1057SAM_1055

The end result was yummy, though:SAM_1063SAM_1066SAM_1067

To be fair, Scott did help with the clear up and was ably supervised by his brother! Luke was mainly happy observing from his high chair as long as we kept him stocked with an array of snacks and toys:SAM_1062

Luke has spent a fair bit of time in the kitchen this week, supervising my meal preparations. There has been a lot of this:SAM_1015

Luke is generally having a wee munch himself:SAM_0995

Or having a wee play:SAM_0999

Big bear and little bear tea:SAM_1026

I have to admit to being very close to the edge of my comfort zone when Luke is eating as regards mess. He grabs everything, smears everything, rips his bibs off and revels in it all. He is progressing to more finger foods and had a cream cheese sandwich and is enjoying toast. The sandwich of course became a major opportunity for squidging and smearing.SAM_1017

I always think I have him cleaned up then will be out and find a bit of sweet potato or something in his hair or eyebrows!SAM_1021SAM_1020

Luke enjoys playing with his toys, but he has been going through phases of going completetly ridgid and refusing to sit down because he wants to be carried or stood up.SAM_1013SAM_1012SAM_1006


He loves the balls at the softplay. I briefly considered getting out Scott’s old ball pool to have it out on Christmas morning “from Santa”, but Scott would ask too many difficult questions! I will get it out once we have cleared out some of the baby stuff he will have out-grown.SAM_1077SAM_1073

He absolutely melts my heart when I am sitting with him and he turns round and smiles and touches my face:SAM_1046SAM_1047

We also enjoyed seeing Scott receive his first gymnastics badge. He was delighted with his award and we loved seeing him feeling proud.


On Sunday we made our annual pilgrimage to see Santa at Heads of Ayr. As usual, the place was beautifully decorated and Santa’s Grotto looked magical.


Both boys were rather bashful when they met the Big Man:SAM_1081SAM_1085The delightful thing is that Scott REALLY does believe and we can only hope that Santa’s warnings to get to bed nice and early have some impact…



We had a lovely day and we were all worn out with playing on the slides and chasing about. Scott had a go on the “high red” slide for the first time and Luke enjoyed the newly developed toddler zones.SAM_1097




SAM_1113The goggles from Fowl Play marked my face for the rest of the day!!!!



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