Through the wardrobe

It has been a busy week. We enjoyed a two day break in Edinburgh at the weekend and I have been bustling away preparing for Christmas. We also celebrated the 90th birthday last week of a very special lady, my Gran. She was inundated with visitors, a sign of the respect and love her upbeat and friendly nature has cultivated.


I made a 90 themed cake for the occasion. I used a ring cake tin to bake two sponge cakes and two loaf tins. The zero had some of the second loaf tin added to it to make it bigger so as to match the 9.


I covered the cake in strawberry, buttercream icing and used sugar paper and a cutter to make the flowers. The “holes” are filled with liquorice allsorts – a favourite of my Gran. I piped pink icing ( a tad shakily!) around the edges for some extra definition. It pretty much turned out as I had envisioned so I was happy. The structural engineering did leave us with a few offcuts for leftovers too!

On Friday we went to Edinburgh for a Christmassy weekend. We had tickets for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at the Lyceum theatre on Saturday. In the event, I took our little Narnian and Billy kindly offered to be the one to stay with Luke. Scott very much enjoyed the production and was suitably scared at the witchy bits, thrilled by the battle and amused by the dialogue. I did have to shush him when he shouted out at Edmund, “It’s you that’s the nasty rotter, Edmund!” This was in response to Edmund muttering in a similar fashion about his siblings!


Scott seems so grown up here:SAM_0945

We couldn’t resist some sweets from this lovely old fashioned sweet stall at the theatre, where the server was in Narnian robes!SAM_0942

Luke went with the flow most of the weekend and was mainly happy being wheeled along to whatever we were doing for Scott. Our apartment was great, but unfortunately it was entirely wooden floored which wasn’t the best for leaving Luke to sit on. He did get a super big bed though:



And we managed to surround him in coats on the floor:


On Sunday, we probably tried to squeeze in too much with a trip to the castle and the Santa land funfair. I wholeheartedly warn against going anywhere near Santaland or the Christmas markets with a pram at busy times. It was kind of hellish! We possibly made the mistake of going to the castle first too as the fair was mega busy by the afternoon, but I am super proud to say that Scott was actually bursting to go to the castle first. (We spent Friday evening watching a documentary about a castle siege – that’s my boy!!!)




The highlight for Scott was the prisons and in particular, locking his Dad in a cell! Billy was eventually released by a foreign tourist who opened the hatch and asked him if he wanted out now. I kid you not!

Scott in a cell:SAM_0958

Luke in the Great Hall:


On the way down from the castle Scott got himself in on the act with a street entertainer. I missed most of it as the littlest man got hungry and I took him inside for lunch, but Scott came away all chuffed with £5 for his participation.



By the time we reached the fair, the place was heaving and my patience started to sap away. Scott wanted his dad to go on the Star Flyer with him, so who was I to argue?



Scott had another couple of rides on other things after waiting in ridiculously long queues and then it was time for home. We had a fun trip and came back refreshed (yeah right!)

The “Lukester” is now 7 months old and he is so firmly embedded in our hearts. He loves rough games with Scott (this is so my future, sob) and he is becoming very vocal with his babbling and shouting. His favourite meal so far is tomato and butternut squash pasta. He loves carrot stick puffs and he is still an incredibly mucky wee pup. He revels so much in food mess and is forever grabbing spoons and smearing food everywhere!

SAM_0908SAM_0925SAM_0873SAM_0929SAM_0927SAM_0914Butter wouldn’t melt – just like his bro 🙂


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One Response to Through the wardrobe

  1. Ngan says:

    Sounds like you had a great time in Scotland. Love the pic of the children on bed, so sweet! Luke looks a bit like a camouflage there.

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