Special birthdays and Christmassy things

Billy had his special birthday last Friday:SAM_0747SAM_0749SAM_0753

We went out for a birthday dinner on Saturday night to mark the occasion:



“Little D” as Scott calls him, was great all night. He ate almost the whole time we were there and just got tired at the end. He was kind of hysterical by the time I got him home and was changing him, but we couldn’t have asked for any better. Scott finally went to bed at 10.45 after an hour of watching Goosebumps and I went to bed at the same time. As the parents of the two kiddos we were very conscious of slow service and were perhaps not having such a relaxed meal!


Luke is continuing to make good progress with eating and he is coping well with different textures. He doesn’t always prefer smooth and he loves finger food. I often give him finger food while spoon feeding. A good call is sweet potato wedges and lots of fruit in a chip shape – melon, mango and of course, banana.




He often eats bits of what we are having if it is a “family tea” and when I am giving Scott some batch cooking from the freezer, Luke often has a slightly modified version. They both had Bolognese last night, only I gave Luke his with some couscous rather than spaghetti. He is an incredibly mucky little pup and always wants to rub his fingers in everything. He also is forever grabbing the spoons from me to cram them into his mouth himself. He also enjoys ripping off his bibs:SAM_0828

We had more softplay time at the weekend:


I took Luke with me on the big wave slide and as with most things, he was neither up nor down!

I sit him up a lot now on his play gym which he seems to like. However, because he likes pulling at the mat, he can get himself into a pickle by over pulling and ending up on his back with the mat on top of him. Sometimes if I pop out the room, I don’t realise it has happened as he doesn’t complain!



I am getting a few minutes while he plays to get Christmas things sorted. Fortunately he is not yet at the stage of pulling out the presents and ripping off the paper if I can keep him at a safe distance!SAM_0727


I ran the Largs Santa Dash on Sunday. I didn’t decide to do it till on the day as I had expected the weather to be bad and wasn’t sure if Billy would be up to looking after Scott after his late night on Saturday. Fortunately the weather was fine for a rare period and Billy made it up to come down and support me with Scott.


Sadly the event was very poorly attended, but racing along the prom suits the pram very well:



I finished 3rd overall and first female. I was delighted with my time for the 3.91 miles – 31 minutes at 7.58 minute miles pace. Scott was there to congratulate me at the finish. He was so chuffed to see his p7 “buddy” from school taking part in the race and said he wanted me to win as much as he wanted his buddy to win! Scott’s buddy finished in front of me so well beaten by a 10 year old!


Luke’s 1st trophy:SAM_0869

My heart was warmed by Scott’s wonderful school nativity play this week. All the children were given a chance in the limelight and I was ridiculously proud of my little cow’s dancing!



It is going to take a while to get those nativity songs out of my head now. I keep walking around singing “Bumping up and down on a camel”!!!





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