Two Little Boys

Luke is now sitting up, virtually consistently unaided now. I still pop a cushion behind him if I am going out the room as a precaution, but he is pretty steady. This has meant that it has been a lot easier for Scott and Luke to play together. Scott is good at handing him things to play with and they are really enjoying sharing a bath.


Luke fair loves playing with Scott’s toys and fortunately for the moment Scott is good natured about it:SAM_0603SAM_0605

The weather has been consistently lousy over the past while so we haven’t been hanging about outside very much. I have moved Luke into the full on Bob stroller now without the infant carrier attachment. If has a lovely warm fleece muff and a really good weather shield too so Luke is nice and snug on our runs. I am enjoying the fact that the stroller is even lighter than it was before.


This guy seems to approve:SAM_0574


I am still really enjoying this pram, but miss not facing my wee guy when I am pushing. I like the feature which allows me to peak in at him though – a wee window on the top canopy:SAM_0590

Luke is really starting to catch on much more with his eating now and has settled into a breakfast of porridge. His lunch is the smallest meal, before he has a long tea!


He is quite a fan of banana at the moment:SAM_0597SAM_0598SAM_0599

This was tea on Saturday night:SAM_0607

He made a good “fist” of it:SAM_0608

(Some raspberries ended up in the mix too – not so easy to get out of carpet!!)SAM_0609SAM_0610SAM_0612SAM_0613SAM_0614SAM_0615

Baking this week was empire biscuits cut in Christmas tree shapes for Scott’s school Christmas Fayre:SAM_0584SAM_0581

Billy took Scott to the Fayre on Thursday night and Scott loved it and came home with a bag of Christmas erm tat!

When I am working in the kitchen, Luke spends a lot of time lying on the kitchen floor. This may seem a little cruel leaving him lying on the hard floor, but he seems to love it! I think it must be the lights:


We were back at Funworld on Sunday and Luke had a good wee time to himself:


Scott spent much of the day dressed up as a cowboy (or a sheriff as he prefers) and he insisted on keeping his waistcoat on for the duration of our visit. I caught him checking himself out in the mirror a few times!


Scott is in full on Christmas preparation mode at school and goes about singing Christmas songs all the time. I am delighted to be able to make it to his nativity this year. He was showing me his bowing on Sunday which he has been learning at school!! Luke loves watching him in action:


I am continuing to work through my daily to-do lists, but have to admit that Luke eating adds another few hours to the day – between preparation, eating and clear up. There is no better feeling though than when he is eating well and exploring new tastes.

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3 Responses to Two Little Boys

  1. Ngan says:

    It is lovely that Luke is eating so well. I love to do baby led weaning too. My little one is just playing with food at the moment, rather than putting anything into her mouth.

    • dolster12 says:

      Thank you- I think playing with the food is part of the learning process. I am a little out of my comfort zone with it due to the mess, but Luke loves squishing food and exploring the new textures. I have heard “food for fun till 1” and am trying to keep this in mind!

      • Ngan says:

        Yeah quite hard work to clear up and clean them after. It is fun to look them playing though. I’m trying to be patient and persevere.

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