Eat, sleep, play, repeat

We are making some progress on the eating front with Luke. I am beginning to think that he is probably pretty standard and that it was Scott who was the aberration in that he ate EVERYTHING that was put his way!! Luke is doing a bit better than last week and is definitely consuming more. He is a bit of an advert for baby led weaning in that he seems to prefer self feeding and he will  part eat, part play with food presented to him on his tray. I am slightly out of my comfort zone with all the mess that this creates. He loves squishing food and I had forgotten how many times things get chucked to the floor. We watched in wonder on Sunday as he munched his way through a sausage at tea time and he also has a taste for a potato waffle. I have yet to find something he will really eat for breakfast.


He is very good at using his sippy cup and he seems to know when he needs it.


Scott is fascinated by Luke’s new snacks and is re-acquainting himself with the joys of rice cakes and bread sticks – snacks that he had long since relinquished!

We visited the Science Centre on Sunday. It is a bit pricey but very interactive for kids. We haven’t been for a couple of years and Scott really enjoyed it. His highlight was volunteering to go on stage in the Bodyworks show. He had to race a girl to eat crackers without any water. Now, this type of eating challenge is something that our Scott excels in!


The Kids Explorer Zone also proved a big hit and he returned here later in our visit:SAM_0531SAM_0541SAM_0542SAM_0534SAM_0527

Luke was not so hands on, but he seemed to enjoy the general bustle:


The temperature took a bit of a drop at the weekend and Scott headed out to football fully prepared:


The hat, gloves and jacket lasted till we reached the school when he discarded them at the pitch side!

I made a victoria sponge with strawberries and whipped cream for my Dad’s birthday on Saturday.


I then spent the next few days finding ways to use up the excess of whipped cream that I had:

Strawberry milkshake – Scott likes the idea of milkshakes, but the actual milkshake – not so much.


Chocolate cake to be served with whipped cream:


We have had a softplay visit and Luke is starting to engage more and more:


Though he is still not convinced about being hauled down the slide by his brother:SAM_0468

Speaking of which, I was putting the pram away yesterday when Scott appeared at the door holding Luke. I nearly had a heart attack! “Luke’s happy, mummy. I can carry him easily.” An early grave for me easily more like….

So, Luke at 6 months loves putting things in his mouth. Sophie the Giraffe is popular, as is his blue teether. He also likes playing with his tea set and he can get a real bounce going on his jumperoo. Luke loves laughing with Scott. This is often a source of annoyance for Scott as he laughs when Scott is upset or having a tantrum! Luke loves pulling hair – including Scott’s. Scott is usually very tolerant of this and I often have to release him from Luke’s clutches. Luke usually has a good nap in the morning (as long as Scott is not home!!) and a short nap in the afternoon. His night time sleeping is a bit more variable, though he has done a stretch from 11.30pm-6am. He tends to wake about 5-6 most mornings and I really have to work to try and keep him quiet so he does not waken Scott. Luke tends to go back over about 7, but then I have to get up to get Scott ready for school (or Scott wakes me up.)Sleepwise things could be better, but they could be a lot worse.


Both these chaps fill my heart with joy.


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