Head above water

I am struggling to fit in much laptop time at the moment between one thing and another. Like all 6 monthers, Luke is pretty demanding of my time and I feel like I start a 101 tasks a day and complete about 2! He grabs at everything or I start semething and he needs fed, changed or entertained. I am trying my best to get organised for upcoming birthdays and Christmas, but I have stillĀ  a lot to do, so I am trying to commit myself to complete at least one birthday/Christmas task a day. However, the day often gets away from me and I find that by the time I have been for a run and covered the chores there isn’t much time left before it is time to pick up Scott from school. After that, homework, tea prep, getting set up for tomorrow etc takes over. I am trying to aim to get something done after the boys are bedded down for the night, but by the time I get downstairs all I want to do is curl up in front of the television for an hour before my own bed-time!

I still haven’t managed to sign up for a run and am feeling a bit flat running wise since run every day has finished. I will add it to my list of things to look into. I know it will help my esteem and drive if I have something to aim for. I thought about doing a “virtual half marathon”, but I am not really sold on this idea. It doesn’t feel quite the same to pull on a race bib and run a route myself. Mind you, weather wise, this is not the best time to be aiming to fit in lots of miles.


It is hard not to feel a bit cooped up at the moment. The lousy weather grounded us on Sunday as we didn’t want to risk getting caught in flooded roads. This is always a disappointment as I so look forward to Sundays as the only day we have all together. Given the amount of water about, I thought it appropriate for Luke to get his first toy boat:


I am still looking forward to him sitting up unaided. I am naively hoping that this will give me a few minutes to get stuff done while he plays with his toys!!



It may also mean that I have to do less of this:


Scott thought it would be funny to copy Luke the other day – and it kind of was!


Softplay is one of the few options available in the conditions and we have frequented a few. The small one at the Vikingar is still proving popular as we often have it to ourselves which means that I can go in and chase Scott.


We started Luke on solids on Sunday and I am trying to be optomistic, but I don’t feel it has being going down great so far. Luke doesn’t seem very keen and has been mainly spitting stuff out, turning his head away and chucking food about. I have yet to find anything that he really likes, but I guess it is early days. Most of the photo credits for the eating images go to Scott who discovered how to use the camera. I deleted all the pictures he thought it was funny to take of my bottom!!


Hopefully I am stressing about nothing and next time I will be able to report good progress on the eating front. I always remember that my Gran used to rank all her grandchildren on their ability as “eaters”, describing us as “good” or “bad” eaters. I am clearly drawing my own children into that crazy game!



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