Preparing for the hungry season

I am gearing up to begin Luke’s adventure in eating next week. We got his high chair set up and I have been cooking and potting up lots of different tastes for him. We have been getting him used to sitting in his chair and are giving him his sippy cup with water. I don’t know if he has managed to get much water yet, but we just want to get him into the swing of things. Scott is dying to get involved and I suspect we are going to need to watch very carefully whenever food is around the boys!

SAM_0271 SAM_0270

I have cooked up lots of Scott’s old favourites and hope that Luke takes to eating as well as his brother did.

SAM_0258 SAM_0260 SAM_0266

SAM_0289We have sweet potato, butternut squash, chicken and apricot curry, lentil curry, tomato and butternut squash pasta, pear and plum, apple and apricot. The freezer is well stocked!

This is Luke’s current favourite kitchen implement:SAM_0275

SAM_0273It can keep him occupied for a good time!

SAM_0264 SAM_0263 SAM_0261Another favourite game for this cheeky chappy is lifting the tray off his Bumbo Seat!

Luke is getting close to sitting up by himself and he is keen do it so he can play with his toys a bit more:


At the softplay:

IMG_0568 IMG_0569

We were spotting him here, honest!SAM_0282

Luke loves toys he can clunk about and throw off this tray. I always have a bit of a game with him to see what I can get done by the time he has chucked everything off his tray! It can be frighteningly fast!SAM_0255

We are fully into his 6-9 month gear now and I have all his smaller clothes boxed up ready to go. I am not looking forward to handing them over, but it has to be done.


Scott made another addition to his weapons collection with a Viking axe on Saturday. He now has his sights set on a wrist bracer!!

SAM_0269 SAM_0268 SAM_0267

In some of the nicer Autumnal weather that we have been having we made a trip to Rouken Glen Park. The play area has been done up since we were last there and it is now a really great park.

SAM_0226 SAM_0230 SAM_0232

The skate park is also fun, but we need to remember the helmet next time:

SAM_0219 SAM_0223 SAM_0221


There are lots of lovely walks in the park too:

SAM_0237 SAM_0238 SAM_0240 SAM_0241 SAM_0244

The Boathouse Restaurant is also lovely for a snack or a meal and we particularly enjoyed the couches:


I successfully completed my Ronhill “run everyday” challenge. I clocked up 151.88 miles in the month of October and I am still going strong! I am desperately keen to do a race soon, but nothing is really tying in.



So there!

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