Perfection isn’t easy

I am in the grip of another bad black patch. The usual maternal worries and woes are at a high point and I am finding things a tad overwhelming. The perfectionist in me wants to ensure my boys are always well turned out, well-behaved and well, perfect, but reality means that is not possible and that unattainable ideal stresses me out. Most days my nerves are shattered by 9am. I also have quite a few things on my plate to arrange, finance(eek) and sort out for upcoming festivities and am trying to keep on top of day to day household tasks at the same time. I am regularly very harassed and know that I look like that that mum who has lost the plot. Seriously, I can struggle to make myself look presentable and my post-partum hair loss isn’t helping with how I feel about my appearance. The bags under my eyes also tell their own story. I had some blocked milk ducts last week, bordering on mastitis which was painful and draining , but thankfully that has just about resolved itself. Unfortunately, Luke does not always tie in with my plans and often needs carried around and amused for long spells when I am hoping to get on with things! He had a wakeful, needy day today and I found myself unshowered, still in my running gear by 2.30pm.

He is also a big distraction….

SAM_0112 SAM_0126 SAM_0125

We got out Scott’s jumperoo and this one is enjoying a wee bounce every now and then:

SAM_0106 SAM_0104 SAM_0103 SAM_0102Though fyi, a dirty nappy when in this contraption makes an awfy mess!

His 3-6 months clothes are starting to get a bit tight, so next week’s job is going to be to clear out the outgrown gear and unload the 6-9 month clothes. I also need to remember where we stand for sleeping bags in the next size as his wee toes are reaching the end of the current lot.

Luke barely naps in the house so I usually have to take him out for a walk. It often ties in with dropping Scott off to one of his activities. I am loving the autumnal colours. I am just not so keen on the darkness and coldness that accompanies it!


I am also looking forward to fully converting the jogging stroller (not pictured!) to its full size. This will mean the infant carrier attachment and car seat can go. I can also get in the winter muff and weather shield which should help in the colder weeks ahead. I worry a wee bit that this wee mite doesn’t get all the baby activities that his brother experienced. We don’t go to any baby groups other than Turtle Tots swimming. We have our last few sessions left of that so I am hoping that he is well enough stimulated by his brother’s antics and us talking to him. He usually seems fairly happy to tag along.


I am trying to plan and budget our weekly shop a little better and am now doing some online grocery shopping. It certainly isn’t perfect, but it is easier than having to think what I need with a tot in toe. I still like to visit the shop in person once a week though to pick things up that I see, but I am trying to be more meticulous with menu planning. I am still indulging my cake making habit, however. This week I made a chocolate mocha cake. It has a nice rich chocolate, coffee taste. Caramel bars are used in the cake and in the icing and  it gives a lovely caramelly taste.

This attracted a few wee fingers for a taste:SAM_0117

You can actually see the bits of Caramel in there:SAM_0121

Scott is still castle and sword daft. This is a fairly cheap hobby at the moment. The sword set me back £2 and he is happy enough at local wee castles and towers. We spent a fair bit of time at this one in Saltcoats.


Technically, I could probably be counting the running to and fro playing “knights and pirates” as my run every day for October, but I have still been getting my miles in. I am going to be sorry to see the end of this little mission. It has given me something to aim for and miles to log. It is also free and flexible – unlike most actual races!

I finally got round to making this wee pirate ship craft set with Scott and it has been sailing the seven seas in Scott’s bath:SAM_0129 SAM_0131

I certainly have lots to be thankful for with the blessing of two healthy boys :SAM_0138

I also have a lovely husband, but my, a holiday and a sleep would be good! 🙂

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