Castles and colouring in

It ended up being a quick week off school with Scott. The weather was great all week, so we only ended up back at the currently beloved “baby softplay” once! I also managed to continue my October run every day challenge. The week seemed to be mainly about rock climbing and castles. On Monday we started at Lunderston Bay:

SAM_0042 SAM_0043 SAM_0044 SAM_0045 SAM_0046 SAM_0047

He even coaxed me in for a paddle:SAM_0048 SAM_0052

Scott ended up teaming up with another boy and playing with him on the beach for an hour so that was a win.

Tuesday was Eglinton Park:

SAM_0057 SAM_0058 SAM_0059 SAM_0060 SAM_0054 SAM_0061

On Wednesday we were back at the Vikingar sofplay and I was persuaded to buy Scott a sword. They have been pretty much inseparable since!


Billy was off on Thursday so we took both boys swimming in Greenock. Scott has been desperate to go swimming with Luke for ages so we finally got round to it and we were able to show Scott Luke’s underwater swimming that he has been doing at Turtle Tots. We also replaced Scott’s school shoes. Here’s hoping they last a bit longer this time!

On Friday, we went to Portencross, an old haunt from my childhood. I hadn’t been for years and had forgotten how beautiful it is. Scott loved rampaging about at the rocks and charging up to the castle. We will need to visit again when the castle is open.

SAM_0072 SAM_0076 SAM_0078 SAM_0079 SAM_0080 SAM_0081 SAM_0083 SAM_0084

His imagination was running riot with boats heading out with men that Scott assumed were pirates!

This wee one fit in well to the activities most of the week and obliged by staying asleep in the car with Billy, then me for a spell at Portencross.

SAM_0063 Luke is now 5 months old and I am looking forward to him moving on to the next stage soon of sitting up himself and eating solids. I am also looking forward eagerly to getting more sleep! I am struggling a bit at the moment with the constant night-time disturbances.

I made an apple and cherry crumble on Saturday and Luke observed:

SAM_0086 SAM_0088 SAM_0091

When I was settling Luke later that night I asked Billy to take the crumble out the oven. By the time I came down it was decimated, so no photo!

We rounded off the holiday with a walk at Greenock Cut on Sunday:

SAM_0094 SAM_0096

Scott’s other passion of the holiday was colouring in:

SAM_0065 We spent lots of time on his Superhero colouring book and he was very proud of some of his work:

photo 1 photo 2

He has been kind enough to tell me that I can colour in while he is at school by myself if I want!

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