Run every day

The October holidays have started and it is both tough in some ways and good in others. I am enjoying not having to hustle out the door and worry about getting homework done, school uniform organised etc. It is also nice to feel like I am spending a bit of time with Scott and there is more time for this in the mornings:


However, I miss the settled routine of getting a run first thing and keeping on top of the housework. I also find the pressure of keeping Scott entertained while having to fit in poor wee Luke a bit challenging. Blood pressure and anxiety levels have spiked on several occasions and I am trying not to be a shrieking banshee, especially when out and about. No doubt, there will be more on this next week!

Last week I made Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes and these went down well with Scott who doesn’t normally bother too much with my baking. These cupcakes are made with ground almonds.


A small hole is cut out with an apple corer and is filled with jam:SAM_9912

They are then topped with lemon icing and a glace cherry:SAM_9913

My menfolk looked lovely on Thursday with the Scotland gear on in the build up to the game. Sadly the result was a big letdown and did not match this level of cuteness:


Scott’s hands are just visible in this picture. Luke thinks he is the best thing ever and laughs and smiles so much when he is around. Scott just does not have to put in the efforts that we do to illicit smiles!SAM_9951 SAM_9952 SAM_9953

Billy was at the game so I had both boys to get to bed on Thursday night. Scott was not trying to be bad, but my patience was definitely worn down. I lined him up with a full punnet of raspberries, a tub of melon and a gingerbread witch in front of Peppa Pig while I attempted to settle Luke. Scott lasted about 20 minutes (by which time all food was consumed) before he appeared at the door in stage whisper mode asking for a drink. This process continued every few minutes. I eventually got him to start his bath, but unfortunately he didn’t think to put the plug in! Luke seemed to know he was being rushed and was not in the mood to co-operate so I was a tad ragged by the time both boys were finally asleep. On the plus side, this meant I missed most of the emotional rollercoaster of the Scotland game.

I am still sticking the camera in this poor boy’s face on a regular basis:

SAM_9904 SAM_9905 SAM_9915 SAM_9919 SAM_9924 SAM_9926 SAM_9933

We started the October holidays off with a trip to the softplay at the Vikingar. Now this softplay is really a bit on the wee side for Scott now, but the draw of having Luke in with him is attracting him here and he has asked a few times to go back.




Luke maybe still not quite so sure about being hauled down a slide:SAM_9973

On Sunday we went to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. I promised Scott a last trip of the season before it closes for winter and he is always desperate to go. It turned out a really fun day and because Billy was there too it gave me a good chance to play with Scott. Luke also had a good sleep which gave the three of us a chance to play:

SAM_0001 SAM_0006 SAM_0007 SAM_0008 SAM_0010

SAM_0012 SAM_0015 SAM_0020 SAM_0021 SAM_0022 SAM_0024 SAM_0026



SAM_9987 SAM_9988 SAM_9990 SAM_9994Please don’t fall!!SAM_9978 SAM_9983

This wee guy is biding his time till he’s fully involved in the action:SAM_0039 SAM_0038

I am still doing the Ronhill Run Every Day challenge. It has given me a wee bit extra motivation and an added edge. I am logging my mileage and speed and am pleased to see an improvement in my pace over the last couple of weeks. The weather has been superb for my last couple of runs and I certainly did not expect to be wearing this running gear in October!


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