Scott is bursting for Luke to play with him. He keeps bringing him toys and trying to get him to engage. Scott also studiously watches adverts and points out things that he thinks that Luke would like. I took the boys to softplay and finally gave in to Scott’s requests to bring Luke in. Scott was all for taking him down all the big slides. I don’t think Luke is quite convinced that he likes softplay yet!

SAM_9630 SAM_9632 SAM_9636 SAM_9638


But Scott does…

SAM_9641 SAM_9643 SAM_9650

Scott has been dragging out lots of his older toys that had been put away for Luke and he is determined to show Luke how to play with them:

SAM_9658 SAM_9659 SAM_9662

Luke’s sleeping hasn’t been great recently, so my days have been a bit weary at times. This was Luke at 1am on Sunday morning:

photo 1

He had the cheek to smile!

I made a few baked goods this week. These toffee squares were a nice change:


And I had my baking buddy on hand to help:


He absolutely loves watching things getting done. If I hold him while I am doing things around the house he is just so happy. I made a cake for my sister’s birthday and Luke kept on gripping on to the flour bag as I was pouring, or the spoon while stirring. You could have sworn he was trying to help!

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting- not very red inside as I forget to buy the red paste colouring. I do not find the gel colouring very effective:


Scott and I also made our piece de resistance – Marshmallow top hats. I asked Scott if he wanted to help me to make these cakes and he said, “Yes of course. It would be a pleasure.”


Scott’s latest fad is doing the dishes. The steps have been hidden away again in the shed as I cannot bare it!

SAM_9669 SAM_9671

I am still running with Luke most days:

photo 3

I was rained off for the first time in a while on Saturday so just did a 2o minute high intensity FBX type workout from Youtube instead. I had my first solo run for a few weeks on Sunday and stretched out to just over 6 miles. My aim is to get back down to a comfortable 8 minute mile pace. I am a bit off this yet:

photo 2

Bye bye for noo!SAM_9625


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