We seem to be getting into some sort of a rhythm with school days and Scott seems to be settling into his new routine. It is kind of busy fitting in homework and the after school activities, but Scott is a boy who does better when he has something structured to do! He is particularly loving playing football with the big boys and he chose that as his activity for the Saturday sports club at the academy.


I managed to fit in a very quick run with Luke when he went to the sports club today. I did 3 miles, then dashed in for a quick shower and change then was there to pick him up within the hour! Time was a bit tighter this week as it was the first time and I had to get him signed up etc so hopefully I might be able to fit in 4 miles next time. I have got into a good system of dropping Scott off at school, nipping back to the house to take my tracksuit off, then heading out for a buggy run with Luke. I generally do 5 miles which takes me around 45 minutes. If I am lucky, Luke stays sleeping long enough for me to shower and change.


I am still getting strange looks and sniggers, but I try to just focus on the run. I am getting very irritated by poor pavement etiquette – cars parking over most of pavement leaving no room to pass with a pram. On my route there is even a bus parked which leaves no room whatsover! Bin day can also be tricky and needs some twist and turning manoeuvering. I find now that even when I am out running by myself that I am constantly eyeing up the pavements for best place to cross, smoothest area and so on. It becomes automatic.

Our quiet little man is coming along nicely. He will soon be double his birthweight and he is mainly a contented fellow. His sleep is patchy and goes through good and bad phases. We have moved him out of his carrycot as he was getting a bit big. But he now looks tiny in his cot!


He has been a bit out of sorts the last few days with a cold and I have had a couple of days of virtually carrying him 24/7 as he won’t settle. He has been waking up sniffling, sneezing and coughing.Poor wee mite is normally a happy wee chappy.

SAM_9538 SAM_9539 SAM_9542

SAM_9614 SAM_9618

We got him a Bumbo seat which suits the wee Mr Nosy who loves to be sitting up seeing what is going on:

SAM_9550 SAM_9551


Looking out the window, watching Scott playing:


We went to a lovely 3rd birthday party last week with a mini-zoo visit where the kids got to see some cool animals. They also got to touch!

SAM_9583 SAM_9585 SAM_9596 SAM_9597 SAM_9605 SAM_9606I didn’t deliberately dress Scott in a party shirt and tracksuit bottoms! We took his clothes with us to change there, but the trousers were new and a bit on the big side.

Luke was just an observer this time:


We have also fit in some arts and crafts time at home:

SAM_9526 SAM_9527 SAM_9529

So, this is our new normal…for now!


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