A day in the life

Scott started school last week, so I thought this could be a good time for a Day in the Life post with a 5 year old and 3 month old. This was my Friday:

1.15 a.m. – Luke wakes up. (He has been asleep since 8.47 a.m.) I feed him and attempt to settle him.

2.45 – 4.15 – Glorious sleep!

4.15 – Luke wakes up. I feed him and drift off to sleep with him beside me in bed.

5.50 – Scott runs into the room claiming hunger. He refuses my overtures to get him to go back to bed and will not settle in my bed. He wakens Luke and I get angry. We have an ongoing battle of me trying to re-settle Luke while sushing Scott and trying to get Scott to stop touching Luke.

6.30 – Give up the ghost. Change Luke’s nappy and leave him to kick on the mat while I go down and sort Scott’s breakfast. Make a cup of tea and toast and hurriedly eat this while talking to Luke. Get dressed and get Luke dressed. Pack Scott’s bag with water bottle and snack.

7.30 – Clean up from Scott’s breakfast, give him a packet of breakfast biscuits to eat while watching Thomas and Noddy with Luke. Go upstairs to sort out washing from tumble dryer. Put clothes away, go up to Scott’s room to make the bed, open blind and bring down his clothes.

8.00 – Come down to find Scott with pyjama top off scrubbing at carpet. He has trampled brambles into the carpet. Get out carpet cleaner and get scrubbing! Brush Scott’s hair and teeth and get his clothes on. Debate whether we are going to walk to school as it is raining heavily. Delay getting pram out until I decide. Feed Luke, pop him in his bouncy chair and he falls asleep. Get pram out, disturb Luke to get his jacket on and put him in pram. He stays awake on way to school. Rain is off so we are walking!

Scott on day 1:


9.00 – Drop Scott at school, head home to take off tracksuit and use the toilet ready for a run. Go for a 4 mile buggy run with Luke. I am weary and struggle throughout. It takes me 38 minutes. Have a drink and biscuits while checking Facebook. Luke is still sleeping. I lift the carseat attachment into the house.

10.00-11.30 – Chores – prepare Shepherd’s Pie for tea, hoover, sort some more washing, iron, run a bath.

11.30 – Dipping into bath when Luke wakens. Hurriedly wash, get out of bath by which time Luke is screaming. Dry quickly, throw on a dressing grown and go downstairs. Get Luke out of car seat and realise his nappy has leaked. Take him upstairs screaming and change his nappy and clothes. Back downstairs and feed him while watching Friday night Lights.

12.00 – Go upstairs and dress and dry my hair, scrub Luke’s soiled clothes. Grab some rolls for lunch, watch some more Friday Night Lights.

12.30-2.00 – Play with Luke, potter about, tidy up a little, check for jobs online, make the batter for some Anzac biscuits, feed Luke. Get Luke ready to go out.

My baking buddy:

SAM_9534 SAM_9535

2.00 – Put Luke in the pram and head down town to do some shopping. Luke falls asleep almost instantly.

3.00 – 5.30 – Pick Scott up from school and head home. Luke wakens when arrive in school playground. Enjoy some time with visitors, feed Luke. Add the desiccated coconut to the biscuit batter and put in oven. Scrub Scott’s school shirt, tidy up his school bag. Take biscuits out of oven and sample! Heat up Shepherd’s Pie for tea.

5.30-7.00 – Have tea. Another costume change for Luke (time to move up a nappy size?), clean dishes, pot up leftovers for freezer, order a school jumper for Scott on-line.

7.00 – Get changed into my pyjamas while Billy entertains Luke, bath Luke and begin process of getting Luke to sleep.

8.05 – The eagle has landed! Go downstairs and watch some of the Morton vs St Mirren game with Billy and Scott

8.30 – Billy gives Scott a shower and then I follow them upstairs to read Scott some stories.

9.00 – Back downstairs and watch rest of football, mess about on my phone and get ready for bed.

10.20 – Lights out

11.15 – Luke wakes up – and so it begins again!

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