Being Five

Scott’s birthday is over for another year. He was all about the party this year and he definitely had a great day at Funworld. We didn’t do much photography at the party as we were trying to oversee things and chat to the guests. We got some photos of him unwrapping presents on birthday morning though.

SAM_9302 SAM_9306 SAM_9307This look of delight is for the gift of Turkish delight. I bought a batch from Amazon and put it in this little treasure box. This was Luke’s gift to Scott and Scott was suitably “delighted”.

SAM_9308 SAM_9310 SAM_9309

We have been stuck with softplay quite a bit due to the continuing atrocious summer weather. We tried a new one, “Pandamonium” on Sunday. It was quite nice, but I have seen the inside of these places far too much this summer.

“One place is much the same as another,” thinks Luke:SAM_9360 SAM_9361Despite the poor weather we have been trying to kid on a wee bit that it is summer and I took Scott up to the burn for a paddle. He was shivering, but enjoyed himself. He kept saying that he was determined to cross to the other side, but he never quite made it and insisted that next time he would bring Daddy so that he could make it over.

SAM_9312 SAM_9319 SAM_9325 SAM_9326 SAM_9333 SAM_9334 SAM_9335 SAM_9338I didn’t go in as I was carrying this wee fella:


I have been running most days, mainly with my quiet wee man. I finally got Billy to take some action shots:

SAM_9347 SAM_9348 SAM_9349

I had secretly been nursing the idea of running the Glasgow Half Marathon at the start of October but have had a bit of a reality check after seeing my speed on my Garmin. I would have to be willing to accept a very slow pace and I am still hit by sleepless nights every now and then. Luke’s sleep pattern is still very much up in the air and I have had a few bad ones recently. Some days my legs just feel like lead and I struggle to run at all. I will need to ponder on what to aim for running wise. Putting one foot in front of the other is expending a lot of energy these days!

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