A last gasp of summer

I have been trying to cram in a last few outings before Scott starts school. I have always been expecting the good weather to come so had been holding off various trips until the sunshine arrived. However, I came to realise that it just wasn’t going to happen so decided we would just have to go for it with our planned trips.

We went to East Yonderton Farm last week to do some fruit picking.


Luke was a bit fractious during most of the picking so it wasn’t easy, but Scott soon got the hang of it by himself.

SAM_9374 SAM_9373 SAM_9370I looked up at some point to ask him how he was getting on with picking the raspberries on the next row down from me and he said, “I’ve got to be honest with you, mummy, I’ve just been gobbling them!” There was signage forbidding this eating in the field, but who could resist?

SAM_9367 SAM_9365We ended up with more fruit than we could possibly eat, so I made a tasty raspberry crumble:


Scott got his Daddy up to the burn for a go and it was cold! Billy’s face was a picture as they plunged into the apparently icy depths!


SAM_9378 SAM_9386 SAM_9390 SAM_9394 SAM_9406 SAM_9380 SAM_9381

SAM_9385 SAM_9392 SAM_9403 SAM_9405 SAM_9407 SAM_9416 SAM_9418The wee walk to the burn is nice too:


We finally had our day of summer last Thursday so we had an end of the holidays treat to Heads of Ayr. I was a bit anxious about how it would play out as Scott would need to mainly play himself while I had Luke. In the event, things turned out well as Scott met a friend from nursery and they ended up teaming up for most of the day.


SAM_9429 SAM_9431 SAM_9432 SAM_9438

Playing with Logan: SAM_9441 SAM_9443 SAM_9447 SAM_9449

SAM_9451 SAM_9457

Welly boot throw with Logan:SAM_9458 SAM_9459

Look, no hands!SAM_9462 SAM_9464

SAM_9465 SAM_9468 SAM_9471 SAM_9472 SAM_9473 SAM_9474

I think we now have Scott all suited and booted ready for school:


Whether his mum and dad are ready is another question!

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