5 years old

Dear Scott,

You are now officially leaving my realm as you head off to school in a couple of weeks. It is funny how many things people warn you about changing as you enter motherhood that prior to becoming a mum you just can’t imagine. The physical aspects aside (you really don’t want to know about my bladder!) there are many truisms about becoming a mum.

1) You never really sleep properly again – this is definitely true and I know you will give me many a sleepless night in the years to come with your various antics.

2) The love you feel is like no other. Again, my heart swells with love for you and I know that you may think I have less time for you now that your brother is here, the only thing that has changed is that there is another little person that I love in the way I love you. My heart has just got bigger.


3) Nothing matters more than your children. I care so much about you, more than I ever could about myself and any success you have makes me so happy and proud.  I am happy when you’re happy. By the same token, any upset or trouble hurts me too.

You are still a “boys boy” and are full of energy and mischief. You are still extremely busy and always on the go and you are still very loud! You are popular with other children and love being out to play. The outdoors is definitely your favourite place to be and if anyone is going to get dirty, it will definitely be you!



Again, I have no idea what the future holds, but I do know I will always be there and even when you make me angry and frustrated I will always stand by you. You will always be my boy.

Happy 5th Birthday, Scoots x

Here are your answers aged 5:

Favourite colour: pink

Favourite food: ice cream

Favourite toy: train set

Favourite story: Prince Caspian

Favourite TV programme or film: Peter Rabbit  (on the computer), The Sandlot (on the telly)

Favourite superhero – Superman and Batman

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