Summer days

Scott asked me if he could have fishpie for lunch earlier in the week so we went to the shop to get the ingredients and made some fishpie!SAM_8716

In the shop, Luke was crying a bit and I had to carry him while Scott pushed the trolley. Scott like the old man, kept telling people, “Yes, he’s a bit grisly today.” I managed to make the potatoes sufficiently lump free for Billy to eat some, but the prawns made it a no-go zone for me. That is, the prawns that made it in. Scott kept grabbing them and eating them before they made it into the pie. I kept it simple with a béchamel sauce, peas and sweetcorn, mashed potatoes blended with milk and butter and the pie topped with grated cheese. The fish consisted of skinless cod and cooked and peeled king prawns.
We have had a bit of sunshine finally so we made the now traditional summer holiday trip to Millport. We made the 10.15 ferry, which wasn’t too bad going in terms of getting organised and out the door.

Billy waved us off:SAM_8724

I was pretty anxious about how I would manage on the bus with the pram and Scott in tow, but it worked out okay. We did the usual things; went to the park, a picnic, a climb on the rocks, shot on the trampolines and a bit of beach time.

SAM_8728 SAM_8730 SAM_8732 SAM_8733

SAM_8736 SAM_8739 SAM_8740

SAM_8743 SAM_8744 SAM_8745 SAM_8746 SAM_8748SAM_8749 SAM_8751 SAM_8752 SAM_8753
We also made it to crocodile rock:SAM_8757
Luke had a couple of wakenings, but was mainly settled.

All in all, it was a successful trip and we even had time to meet some friends in Largs afterwards for some park time and a trip to Nardinis.
Scott and Luke are starting to engage a lot more and it is lovely to see. Scott is very good at getting toys organised for Luke and he loves getting a bit of responsibility to look after him while I am getting ready in the morning. Luke still looks a bit scared sometimes, but he was really happy when Scott was doing this:SAM_8718 SAM_8719 SAM_8720
Poor Luke had his jags on Wednesday and he was quite upset. He was also very sleepy most of the day and he has wee bruises on his legs. It would break your heart! Scott came too and he really didn’t enjoy the experience either looking quite disturbed! Fortunately Mr Smiler was over it by the next day:SAM_8758 SAM_8759 SAM_8761 SAM_8762
I am still in a bit of a fog, with good days and bad days. I often struggle to get going in the morning and feel unreasonably tired. My quiet little man slept till 5am today (hellllllo!). However, I am sure I will have a restful holiday…..or maybe not! The running is still slow going, but I need to persevere and will hopefully start to see some progress. Billy felt bad after reading my last blog so made special effort yesterday to tell me I looked great running off with Luke. He even had Scott primed to tell me I looked so fast! Instead of running, I sometimes do an indoor high intensity workout some days when Luke is sleeping and Scott is out playing. Scott has caught sight of this performance (I should sell tickets) and has taken to doing stretches and telling me, “Just doing my exercises.”

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