Cold hands warm heart

I am yearning for a heat. We have had a couple of days when the sun has shone in periods, but it hasn’t exactly been warm. As it is the summer holidays I am thinking back in envy of holidays of times past. I especially yearn for the heat of the evenings that I have only ever experienced abroad. I have a special yearning this year for some reason (probably just cos I can’t!) to go back to Martha’s Vineyard and I have been indulging in looking at beautiful pictures on-line. Ah well!

On Sunday, I took Scott down to the Fun Day in Largs. This was something I had kind of been hoping to avoid as I wasn’t overly impressed last year, but Scott was keen to go and it seemed mean to turn him down, so we set out in between showers. I foolishly did not take a jacket (organising for an extra person is my excuse) and got absolutely soaked in various showers. This little fella was bone dry though:


I was glad we went, as Scott had a great time on the various inflatables:

SAM_8654 SAM_8655 SAM_8656 SAM_8658

He took  a bashing on this:

SAM_8644 SAM_8647 SAM_8648 SAM_8650

And had the obligatory ice cream:

SAM_8660He even met up with a couple of nursery buddies which made the day all the better for Scott, getting to rampage about with them for an hour.

I took my first further flung trip with both boys when we went to Ayr Beach Park. At times I thought it was October rather than July with the blowing wind and general coldness. As ever, Scott enjoyed himself at this park and his brother co-operated by sleeping most of the time.

SAM_8676 SAM_8678 SAM_8683

SAM_8691 SAM_8692 SAM_8693 SAM_8696 SAM_8700 SAM_8703 SAM_8704 SAM_8707 SAM_8710 SAM_8711 SAM_8712 SAM_8713

“I feel like I am at the Stone Table in Narnia”

I show this picture as a “guess what happened next” inevitable thing, but it could not have happened at a more awkward moment. I had just finished feeding Luke and he was crying as I was struggling to get him back in his pram when I looked to up to see that Scott had gone head first into the muddy big puddle. He was covered head to toe in sludge and was soaked and crying. I had to strip him off, wrap him in my jacket and take him back to the car. Meanwhile Luke was screaming his lungs out. Great timing and just when I thought I was doing well! This is why I will still be carrying a change of clothes bag for Scott till he is about 15.


Luke is becoming more alert and I still think of him as my quiet little man. He looks perplexed a lot of the time at the comings and goings – particularly of his brother! I am definitely biased, but he looks so adorable sometimes.SAM_8662 SAM_8663

His head control is coming along nicely:SAM_8668
This was my failed attempt at a 3 way selfie. I will get better – need to train Luke to look at the camera!


I am continuing to try and build up my running, but am feeling unfit. I thought I was doing okay with the jogging stroller, but then Billy innocently remarked after seeing me setting off that I am more “trotting than running” and I realise I still have a bit to go! I ran 6 miles (pramless) today which is the longest for many months and it took me 51 minutes but I did feel quite good at the end of it. I find it hard to co-ordinate being ready to go running in terms of being appropriately fed and hydrated due to having to tie in with feeding Luke and when Billy is available or there isn’t some mini-crisis. This often means I feel hungry, thirsty or just generally ill-prepared by the time I set off. I am looking forward to being race fit again, but in any case running is really helping my state of mind and I feel like is helping me run away from the black dog that has been chasing me lately. I hope to have a race date set to aim for soon. Blogging may be getting a break for our vacation. I will need one after I manage to organise the packing!

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