Narnia and Bob

Perhaps rather predictably, the weather has been somewhat unpredictable during the 1st week of the summer holidays. We had a great start to the holidays with a trip to Heads of Ayr Farm Park for Pirates Day. Scott had a brilliant time mixing with the pirates and doing the usual activities that the park holds.

Pre-trip photo call:SAM_8577 SAM_8579

Pirate shennanigans:

SAM_8583 SAM_8585 SAM_8586 SAM_8587Yes, Scott is now the proud owner of a “jagged cutlass”!

To be fair, Luke didn’t know too much about the day.


SAM_8589 SAM_8591 SAM_8595 SAM_8599 SAM_8600 SAM_8601 SAM_8602 SAM_8603 SAM_8604
Scott had a week of swimming lessons in the morning last week and he did really well. This gave us a wee target to get up and out for every day, so next week will be the first time we have nothing planned. I prefer living with some sort of schedule so will need to get a plan together of potential activities. On the wet days we have been to softplay and the library and on the good days Scott has mainly been playing outside. I feel a bit guilty about the amount of softplay time he has been getting as it feels a bit like the easy option sitting at the sidelines while he plays, but swimming is too tricky when Luke is so wee, so I am glad Scott got a week of being in the water.

We had a lovely day on Saturday and Scott had a great day outside.
We’re going to need a bigger boat…….

SAM_8626Luke was a bit cranky and don’t think he was enjoying the heat too much. I paired the brothers up in matching Scotland strips. I didn’t manage a joint picture as Scott didn’t keep his clean for long! Seeing them together couldn’t help but let my imagination run into images of brothers playing for Scotland – the Scottish de Boers, the Scottish Laudrups – hec I’d take the Caldwell brothers!

SAM_8620 SAM_8624 SAM_8627
Scott’s current obsession is the Chronicles of Narnia. I am reading him The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and he is watching the BBC tv series on YouTube. I keep hearing cries of “Fight for Narnia!” and “Long live, Aslan!” He also shouted to Billy as he was leaving for Morrisons the other day; “Get me some Turkish Delight at the shops!” Scott was especially tickled by Edmund’s line to Lucy after she had first visited Narnia and she was accused of making it up: “Quite batty.” Scott has taken to tapping his head and repeating this refrain which he finds hilarious!

I have officially taken up “stroller running.” I first became aware of this activity in New York City when I saw stroller runners in Central Park. Sadly my running routes are not so glamorous and probably not as smooth either but Luke and I seem to be getting on okay. I have built up to 40 minutes and am enjoying the small slice of freedom that this offers. I am pleased to say that Bob is providing a smooth ride and is good to manage. I can do a lot one handed, but I don’t doubt that pushing will get tougher as our quiet wee man grows. I am aware of the strange looks I am getting as unfortunately stroller running is not a common activity in these parts, but I am trying to keep my head held high.

SAM_8618 SAM_8619

SAM_8632 SAM_8633

My baking this week was for my Mum’s birthday. I made a lemon cheesecake. It felt a bit of a cheat as it is a “no bake” recipe, but the beauty of it is that it avoids the cheesecake cracking in the oven issue which I so often seem to face. Besides it’s a Mary Berry recipe and if the woman who frowns at shop bought icing says it’s okay, then I will accept that.

SAM_8617 SAM_8616

Now that Luke has mastered the art of smiling, the poor fella is being constantly pestered to perform:

SAM_8610 SAM_8607 SAM_8605

Just as well he’s so cute. I am very tired after two bad nights on the trot!

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