Up and down

I haven’t had time to post for a while, so I am going to attempt to focus on a couple of things and not try to cram too much in…Well that is the plan! Last Sunday was Fathers Day and I of course have to mention that I feel extremely fortunate to have such a great Dad for my boys.SAM_8536Scott has been in constant art attack mode since Fathers Day and is obsessed with pictures, decorating. (Generally those things that involve cleaning up after him!!)


I did a couple of Fathers Days bakes. One for Billy and one for my own Dad. My Dad just got a victoria sandwich topped with whipped cream and crushed Mint Aero



And Billy got Lime Pie:


I ended up with a fair bit of left over whipped cream so I also made some raspberry and strawberry fool which only I ended up liking and eating!SAM_8561


The weather has been pretty dismal so we have had a few softplay sessions:

SAM_8573 SAM_8568


I am getting more use out of the baby carrier this time round so I can make some off-road trips with Scott up the hill and up the burn:

SAM_8547 SAM_8545 SAM_8544 SAM_8542 SAM_8538

Trips to the park have been a bit more sparse:

SAM_8528 SAM_8527 SAM_8525 SAM_8524 SAM_8522 SAM_8523

Scott is being so much better with Luke now that he has calmed down. He loves to lie beside him talking to him and he really loves being involved getting him dressed and ready. Billy says he genuinely missed his wee brother when they went away overnight camping. Both boys also love sharing a bath:

SAM_8555 SAM_8558

I am still adjusting to double parental responsibility and have been a bit up and down mood wise. Some days are still pretty overwhelming and leave me feeling quite panicked and I know that there is more of that to come. If I think too much about all the stuff coming up that I will have to do it can really set me off. Tiredness certainly plays a part, although touch all types of wood available, so far Luke has not been too bad. (Expectations were low after so many nights of no sleep at all with Scott!) I really do miss having the evenings, though. I had got used to the luxury of a couple of hours to myself when Scott went to bed, but at the moment evenings are kind of constant with Luke as that seems to be his fussy, grisly time. He is helping make up for it with all the lovely smiles he is now giving us.

No smiles in these ones, just lots of cuteness!:SAM_8535 SAM_8534


I had my first proper postpartum run today. Half an hour, blowing through my you know what, but it’s a start. Onwards and upwards and off to look at infant carriers for the Bob running pram..

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