Mother of Boys

We did not find out whether we were having a boy or a girl during my pregnancy. I had mixed feelings about whether I would prefer  a boy or a girl. Prior to motherhood I had imagined having one of each, but gradually I have come to see myself as a “boys’ mum” and more naturally inclined to nurturing boys. Scott had a definite preference for having a wee brother and I wasn’t overly surprised when a baby boy appeared. This may have felt the natural course, but I have still had a bit of “mourning” for the things that I will never do as a Mother of Boys from buying the little party dresses to having a well-behaved little pig tailed girl at school! I think that once your family is complete there must always be a sense of the “last times” as well as a sense of the gender specific things that you may miss out on as a parent of one gender only. This is something that I think I am struggling with a wee bit this time round. There will be no more chances so definitely got to make the most of the moments.

I am trying my best to spend more time doing things with Scott, but this isn’t always easy and he can become impatient if I am taking too long. He remembered about the Rapunzel thing we made 2 years ago the other day (that I had binned during our rooms revamping) and decided he wanted to play with it, so we had to make another one:


Behold the tower with Rapunzel’s hair, a witch’s garden of salad, a desert and a thorn-bush. The thorn-bush is a new addition and was Scott’s idea. He collected some jaggy leaves from the garden to create this!SAM_8503

There were several points during the making of this that I thought I would lose the plot due to trying to handle, feed and soothe Luke at the same time, but we eventually made it. Billy has also taken Scott on a few trips: to the outdoor swimming pool, a walk up to the windfarm and they have a camping trip planned.

I also took a trip up the hill with the two boys. It was a bit colder and windier than I would have liked for this time of year:

photo 1

I am trying to take the time to play with Scott when I can, but again I find time to do anything quite tricky at the moment. (This blog has taken about a week to write!)I do miss time to myself, but breastfeeding makes that nigh on impossible. The plus side of being a 24 hour milk bar has meant that I have had time to start a Boxset onNetflicks, so I have been enjoying season 1 of friday Night Lights

Domino rally:

photo 2

Going trips as a foursome is also quite tricky due to the different needs of the boys and I really need to try and find the time to go shopping for some stuff, but when? Ha. Our last trip all together was to Kelvingrove:




Scott’s schedule was really busy the past week which was also Billy’s first week back at work. The business was probably a blessing mind you as it meant most days were full. We have had good days and bad days in terms of getting up and out and Scott has swung between being helpful and bothersome. After nursery on Monday, Scott had gymnastics and then we dropped into the park on the way home.




Scott was desperate to get his wee brother into a swing. It is going to be a long few months at this rate as Scott just wants nothing more than to be able to play with Luke.

Just as well this one is tolerant of all the poking and prodding!SAM_8509

Scott saw this picture in one of his books this week and asked if we could make this cake:

photo 2

So we had a go: (victoria sandwich with strawberry buttercream. I should’ve gone for lemon curd or custard in the middle rather than jam for a more accurate copy!)

photo 1

The lack of a regular exercise regime is getting to me a bit, but I am still a few weeks off getting to that I reckon in terms of my body’s readiness and also in terms of getting into a more reliable feeding schedule whereby I can leave Luke for a couple of hours. I have a feeling that finding time to express milk is also going to be quite a challenge, but we will need to wait and see once things settle down a bit.

Final gratuitous cuteness pictures:


Must have been a good dream;SAM_8498


Until the next time……

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