Being home as 4

We have got through our first few weeks at home as a family of four. In many ways, the days are a bit of a blur with being up through the night and a different routine. The change from being able to tag team a bit with one child to each being constantly on duty with two children has certainly been tiring.

Billy feeling the strain:SAM_8415

Touch wood, Luke has not been too demanding as a baby, but the constant feeding is a bit draining and it means I am very tied to him. This can be difficult as it means I often have to cut short games and time with Scott which I feel bad about. I felt especially bad when we were setting up to play a game with his animals and I was to be the witch (because I am best at cackling apparently!) and Luke needed fed. Scott got a bit upset and said we should just give him a bottle of milk instead. His insight shocked me a bit and it is not easy to explain to a 4 year old.

Scott does adore his wee brother, though:


Unfortunately there has been a bit of an unexpected Part 3 to Luke’s birth story. I was warned after giving birth that the membranes on the placenta were a bit ragged meaning that there could be some residual matter left inside the uterus. This came to pass when a week after giving birth I experienced heavy bleeding and clots appearing. This led to a late night trip to Crosshouse maternity unit (I had vowed I would not be back!) and various tests. I took antibiotics for a week in case of infection and had to go for a scan which revealed that there is indeed retained matter. The decision was taken to leave it be for now and hope it resolves itself naturally. Fortunately things do seem to be settling down so hopefully no further action will be needed. I am still finding post-natal recovery slower and more difficult this time round and can’t wait to feel more like myself again. I don’t think I will really feel better until I can get into a proper exercise regime again, but it is still looking a wee bit off in terms of discomfort and actually finding a way to fit it in.

I have been managing to get out and about for a few walks, but am frustrated at my lack of energy and slowness for now. Scott also likes to have a go. Walks with Scott are definitely not fast! We have examined every stone, wall, stick, bump in the road on every trip! My images of nice sun drenched walks have yet to be realised too with the autumnal weather we have been experiencing.

SAM_8406Overall, feeding Luke has been going quite well. Luke is steadily gaining weight and appears fairly contented most of the time. I am still very uncomfortable in the old breast region though and if I hear a crying baby (doesn’t need to be my own) or feel in any way emotional, oh my is it painful! In terms of post-partum weight loss, I think I have about  half a stone to lose – a lot of which I am sure is in my top half. However, I am also much bigger around the bum and hips, which again is frustrating me due to my relative inactivity at the moment.

Gratuitous cute pictures – easy to get away with keeping me awake with this wee face:





Billy goes back to work on Monday which I am dreading. How will I get these two boys out the door in the morning? How will I cope with both of them together? Eek. I seem to be setting up serial blogs with a “tune in next time” theme at the moment so I will do the same for the next one! 🙂

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