Luke’s birth story – Part 2 – “We’re going to need some new towels!”

When I was wheeled into the delivery suite, everything had been prepared with a bean bag and sheet on the floor. There was something almost “cave woman” about this experience as I was moved off the trolley to hunch over a bean bag and push the baby out. The head came out quickly to an intense stinging pain and various ripping and tearing. I did feel relief however that this was not going to go on for hours and hours like my previous labour. One of my greatest fears this time round was that I was going to face another hours and hours stint of continuous pain with little progress. This time round was definitely sorer, but it was also over a lot more quickly. There was some concern that baby’s heart beat could not be detected at this stage so a recovery team were waiting at the door just in case. This was quite scary! After a couple of long pushes, the baby popped out. This time round, I did not feel instant pain relief and I was in agony down below. Fortunately the baby let out a cry and his heart rate was just fine. It just could not be detected at the late stage due to his position in my pelvis. The baby was held up and we could see he was a boy! SAM_8350 After this, I was given an injection to get the placenta out and that just seemed to happen in a splurge.( It seemed to be left hanging around on a table for far too long for my liking afterwards.) There then seemed to be a long, painful delay before I was sorted out. Luke’s weight of 8lbs 1oz came as a surprise. I had been warned to expect a low birth weight and a note had been made to prepare the paediatricians at the hospital. I had even brought tiny baby clothes in anticipation of a sub 6 lb baby! He ended up weighing in at a full pound heavier than Scott had.The half hour or so that it took for the stitching process was extremely painful and I tried to just keep looking at my newborn who was nestled peacefully in Billy’s arms. The pain did subside a little afterwards and I fair enjoyed the tea and toast I was given. My shower also felt wonderful. SAM_8389 SAM_8362 The best bit was phoning Scott to tell him the news and he was super excited. I was given the news that I had tested positive for Group B strep and since there had been no time to administer IV antibiotics during labour, this would mean a 48 hour stay in hospital to monitor Luke for any signs of infection. I was so pleased to see Scott and his reaction to meeting his baby brother was just great. SAM_8353 The stay in hospital is quite a bit different with a second baby. First time round, I had enjoyed Billy hanging around for most of the day, but with another child to look after, Billy couldn’t stay for long stretches. My first night in hospital was bizarre – the house across from the hospital was having an outdoor birthday party with marquee. I kept having weird half asleep thoughts that I was on holiday in a resort with an outdoor party happening! My greatest relief of the evening came when Luke fed from me at about 9pm. I had been anxious since he was born that I was going to go through the trials and tribulations that I had with Scott of a baby that I could not get to latch on and feed. I had been worrying about this throughout my pregnancy, so it was with considerable relief that he took to feeding before the end of the first day and, touch wood, we haven’t looked back since. SAM_8396 SAM_8392 SAM_8394 I found my second night in hospital highly irritating. The constant on off of lights, other patients buzzing for attention, crisp eating and phonecalls at 11pm were a definite source of annoyance amidst the sleep deprivation. Luke had a restless 2nd night so I felt very tired and emotional next day and ready to be home. Healing this time round is definitely taking longer and I still feel very washed out. I cannot wait to start running again, but fear it may be a slow road as walking is a bit of an effort at the moment. On a plus side, I am the proud owner of various new towels purchased by Billy to replace those used to mop up the beginnings of an almost home birth! 🙂 SAM_8399

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