Luke’s birth story – Part 1

Luke David Rumbold arrived at 10.53am on Saturday 16th May 2015 – 11 days after his official due date. After visiting the midwife on the Wednesday prior to this, I had resigned myself to a forced evacuation. No signs of impending labour were apparent and I was booked in to begin an induction at 8.30 on Sunday morning. Funnily, on Friday we had a pretty perfect day as a family of three. We went for a lovely walk at  Greenock Cut, had a pleasant trip to Funworld and when we came home, Scott helped me to make a curry. We even had a family movie night and watched Wizard of Oz before bedtime.

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I awoke around 2am on Saturday morning feeling a bit uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep, so came down stairs and watched some television. At about 3.30 I began to recognise the discomfort as mild, irregular contractions. This continued through the night and when Scott came down to our room at 7.30 in the morning I told Billy that “it was starting”, but I believed I still had plenty of time so planned to stick to the arrangement we had of Scott’s uncle picking him up to take him to Mini-Kickers at 9.15 in the morning. After that, things seemed to progress quite quickly. It is a bit of a blur the time after this and I remember trying to lie in bed and sleep – fail! I then tried to get myself up and moving and the contractions closed in further. I had a bowl of cereal and phoned the hospital to let them know I would be coming in shortly. I tried to organise some food for Scott to take away with him (much to Billy’s chagrin!) and then ran a bath hoping that the warm water would soothe the pain a little. While in the kitchen I thought that I had peed myself during a contraction – it turns out that this was my waters going! Billy took Scott to drop him off to Mini Kickers and I was glad to be able to give him a hug goodbye and not to have to upset the planned arrangement too much. I had postponed showering the night before thinking I would have plenty of time in the morning and I had in my mind that I didn’t want to show up at the hospital unwashed! The bath lasted about 2 minutes and there wasn’t much washing done. By this time I was bleeding quite badly and Billy phoned the hospital to see what we should do. The hospital told us to get in the car and come straight away, so I attempted to put on some clothes only for the phone to go with the hospital telling us that they would send an ambulance given that we are 45 minutes away from the hospital.

Fortunately the ambulance arrived quickly, but with only one paramedic it looked like I may have to deliver in the house. There was a scramble for towels and instructions given to Billy to take note of the time in case the baby arrived. The paramedic radioed for back-up and soon another ambulance arrived with two paramedics. A decision was made to try and get me to hospital on time and I was wheeled out on a wheelchair. I was in a whole world of pain by this time, though weirdly it felt different from my first birth. The pain in my back passage was incredible with the baby bearing down on my perineum. As we pulled away an electronic voice inside the ambulance said “999 mode activated” and this basically meant a blue light super fast trip to the hospital. Billy tells me that we made most of the way to Ardrossan on the other side of the road and the entire trip to Crosshouse only took 25 minutes. By the time we reached Springside, the baby’s head was crowning, but this meant we were nearly there. During all this, I only felt partly aware of the world around me, hearing voices as if in a dream and feeling slightly light headed on gas and air.

To be continued in Part 2…………

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