Last few days?

Well, I’ve not exactly been whooping it up since the beginning of my maternity leave. I was  in bed most of the last couple of days with a stinking cold. Great timing, or what?  I have succumbed to a head cold and a barking cough. Hopefully I am coming through the other side as I certainly don’t fancy facing labour and a new born feeling this lousy. I am grateful that I made it through as planned to Friday 1st May, managed to teach 2 study days last week and see the N5 and Higher History exams on Friday. It was a bit annoying as I had to wait around till 3.20 on friday for the Higher exam to finish when I could have been away at 12.25, but I was relieved to see that both papers were good for my classes. It will be weird not doing exam marking this year, but I am sure I will be plenty occupied elsewhere!

Fortunately Billy took over with Scott yesterday when he got home from work and took him to the football before he went to a pool party. He absolutely loved that with the big float in the water and he was certainly tired out by last night.

Guess who in disguise?SAM_8284 SAM_8285

I felt a bit worse on Sunday so Billy took Scott out to softplay and I slept, struggled to lift my head off the pillow and generally felt sorry for myself. I have naturally been keeping up with the Royal Baby news and have a few thoughts on that. It is probably no secret that I am a republican and opposed to inherited titles, wealth and privilege. However, I wish William and Kate no personal ill and was pleased to think all was well with their new arrival. in fact, more than anything I felt sorry for them and the wee confused boy being taken into the hospital, forced to wave to cameras and crowds. As my time looms, I cannot imagine having to get spruced up, wear high heels, a dress, full make up to wave at people and leave the hospital 10 hours after giving birth. They call this “modern motherhood”, but I can’t help but think the rush to be up and about is another pressure on mums. What is wrong with a couple of days of slopping about in pjs as you try to adjust to the body shock, aching breasts, bleeding and general exhaustion? Why have mums had this pressure put on them to get up and out and acting normal when they have been through so much? Just a thought, and hopefully I will be able to take it all similarly in my stride!

39 weeks, 6 days bump (the last?):

SAM_8287 SAM_8288Now, I am hoping for a day or two to recover before doing this thing!

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