Nearly there

Very quiet this weekend with not much to report. On Saturday we got our carpets cleaned and conveniently the midwife arrived at exactly the same time to discuss my birth plan! Fortunately we worked around each other and I was only a wee bit embarrassed sitting on an armchair bare belly stuck out with the carpet cleaning man saying “Nice pregnant belly!” This time round I am a bit more realistic with the birth plan and realise what will happen will happen and my main wish is that it is a bit quicker with this one  and that is definitely something I cannot plan. I also noted that I wasn’t keen on getting turfed out the hospital during the middle of the night. Apparently you are encouraged to go home 6 hours after giving birth regardless of time!

Clean carpet (for a few hours):SAM_8263 SAM_8266

Scott has been playing out most of the weekend. I shouldn’t complain, but I ended up feeling a bit of cabin fever by last night as I had been in all day waiting for Scott’s new car seat to be delivered and then for the midwife to arrive. Then on Sunday (today) Scott wanted out again in the morning while Billy made a run to Glasgow for some shopping. We tried to persuade Scott to go too, but he wasn’t for having it. The boy is so not a shopper. I sat propped up on the couch feeling a bit sorry for myself watching the London Marathon. It always inspires me, but I wasn’t feeling too great this morning with a bit of sickness and an on-off nosebleed. Then inevitably Scott got bored after about half an hour and I had to rouse myself to take him to the park for a short while:

SAM_8271 SAM_8274 SAM_8275 SAM_8278 SAM_8282 SAM_8283After lunch, Scott had a couple of his nursery pals over to play in his new room and I have spent the time getting irritated with my own child! His behaviour and his whingeing and shouting have put me on edge today. I am putting it down to a stay at home weekend and missing out on my usual couple of hours to myself on a Sunday morning. (Probably better to put it down to this than to think my child is just a pain!) This evening he was doing my head in with the in and out the door with constant issues and moans and constantly having to tell him “Take your shoes off.” Patience down to a nub.

Pesky little pirate:SAM_8267

Our target for the next few days is to get through without having to dish out at least £150 a day which seems to be the norm at the moment. The car had to go into the garage yesterday for new brake pads and discs, we had to pay the carpet cleaner and buy Scott’s new car seat over the weekend. As is the way with life, car related expenses and such like always seem to come at the most inconvenient of times. It doesn’t help with my general stress and irritation levels, however, at this time! So, feeling pretty cranky today and just a bit weird as I contemplate the fact that in the course of a week or so my life is going to be all different and that is a scary thought. I don’t like change much and I know this is going to be a biggy. I know that I will have no choice but to cope and get on with it, but it still scares the hell out of  me. I probably wouldn’t have been able to run today, even if circumstances had been different. I am experiencing quite sharp and sore pelvic pain with nerve endings getting hit in my legs causing sharp, shooting pains at the tops of my legs. My nose is also being an issue today with a bit of bleeding on and off. I did go for a quick half hour walk before tea today and was pretty pooped by the end of that meaning a run was probably not a realistic prospect.

My official photographer is at the cinema so I had to get my own bump shot – 38 weeks 5 days bump:

photo 1 photo 2

A busy week at work ahead with a couple of full day study days for my exam classes. Probably no bad thing that I am kept busy – less time for thinking!

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