Just the two of us (for a last wee while)

The big news this week is that Scott’s room is finally finished and our house is good to go (more or less) for our new arrival!! I am so relieved. The last couple of weeks haven’t been as restful as I would like and there has been a bit of a frenzy of activity to get everything in place. I have also been marking in the midst of this and am delighted to say that my allocation is now officially done! This is going to be a bit of a Changing Rooms / house make- over blog, but here goes: After clearing everything out, this was our starting point:SAM_7946 SAM_7947 Then the chimney went, a dividing wall and door went up:SAM_7987 Then we had paintwork and new glass in the windows:SAM_8067 Then came the personalisation – the wall mural: SAM_8141 SAM_8140 SAM_8137 We then got carpets and Billy was ably assisted building lots of furniture by his Dad and a work buddy. The bed turned into a bit of a saga as it turned out that no wooden slats had been provided (the company are trying to claim they are not included!) Billy resolved this by buying some freshly chopped wood to size and screwing them down. He did good! Walk-in view of “Scott’s Hideout”:SAM_8201 SAM_8202 SAM_8203 SAM_8204 SAM_8205 SAM_8206 SAM_8207 SAM_8208 SAM_8211 SAM_8212 Scott’s changing area:SAM_8214 First night:SAM_8216It was a bit of a hellish couple of days trying to get everything out of his old room and the cupboard cleared and sorted for Junior, but we got there in the end. I have newborn clothes in the drawers and stacks of boxed clothing waiting for the big gender reveal!SAM_8220 We also have my much coveted BOB stroller up and ready:SAM_8223 With the infant carry-cot:SAM_8224 Unfortunately our current infant carrier/car-seat is not compatible and I need this to be able to run with the stroller until the baby is 6 months. However, given that we have been hemorrhaging money over the last couple of months, I will wait till my marking money comes through. This purchase can wait a few weeks as running will not be imminent after birth anyway! I have had a few phases of manic cleaning (nesting?) when I just have to get curtain rails dust free and as for blinds…..Does anyone know a quicker way of cleaning them? They are torture! My next intended project is getting our carpets professionally cleaned. It now feels like a MUST! I am having fairly emotional phases – I have a sadness about Scott moving out his room and  a feeling of “the end” in terms of being “just the two of us” in our mornings and days out etc. I felt guilty about him being in nursery a couple of days this week when he said he didn’t want to go and wanted a day off with me. To be fair he was happy as larry when he got there and I needed to coax him to leave, but still… I took him for what will probably be our last day out as a twosome (at least for a while) to Barshaw Park on Saturday. He had such fun there last week that he wanted to go back. His grand plan of spending all day in the bumpy bmx bit was scuppered early doors though when he fell and dunted himself. It meant we ventured more into the other areas of the park instead:SAM_8228 SAM_8230 SAM_8231 There was also much hide and seeking:SAM_8232 SAM_8233 The exercise machines were a source of fascination and frustration in equal measure as he struggled to reach the various components: SAM_8234 SAM_8238 SAM_8239 SAM_8241 Down by the pond:SAM_8243 SAM_8249Ice-cream face:SAM_8252 More hide and seek: SAM_8257 And some sliding:SAM_8253 SAM_8255 Me and my 1st born:

SAM_8258 SAM_8259

I am now 37 weeks, 5 days pregnant and feel slightly more relaxed about the idea of the baby coming early – though I would definitely rather go full term. I have fulfilled my obligations in terms of marking and have the house more or less sorted. Some days I really feel like the baby is about to come and am decidedly uncomfortable. I have had a few bad bouts of sickness and was virtually bed bound on Tuesday feeling rotten. That being said, I have also had better days and managed a pregnancy PB of a 5 mile run in 50 minutes today. No idea how I managed this as I was just toddling along in my own wee world, not feeling out of breath. I felt great at the end of it, but after a bath I was very sleepy and started to feel like I did after my marathon training “long runs”. I ended up afternoon napping which I will no doubt pay for tonight.

5 miles, yeah!SAM_8260

37 weeks, 5 days bump:SAM_8261 SAM_8262

Back to work for a rest tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Just the two of us (for a last wee while)

  1. Scott’s room looks great! 🙂 Hope you are keeping well x

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