Easter activities

On Easter Friday we decorated some eggs:SAM_8072 SAM_8074 SAM_8075This  was enough to prompt Scott into the notion of having an egg for lunch. This is despite the fact that he has never liked egg in any format since he first tried it. He insisted however on a “fried egg” and despite the initial smiles it went exactly the way I had expected!

SAM_8078We had some deja vu on Saturday morning when Scott asked for pancakes for breakfast. I didn’t see any harm since we were in no rush but then he wanted chocolate spread on it. Again, it didn’t turn out well. To be fair this time, he looked anxious from the start!SAM_8080The weather was lousy on Friday so we had a softplay day. I was pleased to be able to get out to the park on Saturday.

SAM_8090 SAM_8091 SAM_8093

SAM_8100 SAM_8099 SAM_8098 SAM_8097We also took the scooter and I was quite shocked by how fast he can go now. I was constantly waddling in his wake trying to keep up!

SAM_8081 SAM_8083 SAM_8085 SAM_8087We had a race and he won easily:SAM_8102

On Saturday afternoon Billy took Scott to the football, so I cracked on with trying to get some more stuff in the house sorted. We are at a bit of a stalemate again as we await the window fitter and carpet fitter and I feel like my hands are tied in terms of being able to crack on with getting the rooms sorted. As such, I made myself feel better by cleaning a bunch of toys that Scott has outgrown and will be staying in the baby’s room. I also cleaned bottles and the steriliser and breast pump. I discovered I have no instructions for the steriliser so I had to check on-line for instructions so we are all set. The baby box has been cleaned and re-stocked in preparation:SAM_8105I got a bit freaked out when I saw the size of newborn nappies again. I had to remind myself how they go on again!

This morning I endured every fiddly game Scott has that requires a light touch; from Domino rally to Who Shook Hook, to Buckaroo to Operation. I bailed out at Kerplunk. Please stand well back, Scott!:

SAM_8106 SAM_8107The Easter Bunny brought Scott a 2 wheel “stunt scooter” so he was soon off out on that. We then took a trip to Gourock to roll some eggs:

SAM_8110 SAM_8113 SAM_8114 SAM_8115 SAM_8116SAM_8117I should have been a bit more canny and not had a run this morning given that we had a lot of walking at the park, but I don’t tend to learn my lesson in this regard! I managed 3.5 miles this morning and felt okay, but the subsequent up and down hills has left me a bit weary this evening.SAM_8108 SAM_8109I am now 35 weeks 5 days pregnant and I think all is well. I have the same symptoms as I think most people at this stage have to endure – tiredness, feeling of fullness and difficulty in getting comfortable. My internal thermostat has risen several degrees and I am frequently boiling hot. Shorts and t-shirt are my essential nightwear. The heartburn is often horrendously bad and most nights I am woken up by it. Bending over is uncomfortable which is not an easy affliction with two boys (one little and one large) to pick up after.  I could greet at any given moment. Whenever Scott shows his vulnerable side or when I see his frustration at something I feel very tearful. Any acts of kindness also have me a gibbering wreck. Some girls in my Higher class very thoughtfully gave me a baby gift on Thursday (incase I don’t make it back!) and I struggled to retain my composure! I am looking forward to having a couple of weeks off work, but really, really wish I could get our house sorted. It is really stressing me out with the slow pace and the mess of our carpets is driving me to an early grave as my little and large still do not get the “taking shoes off indoors” concept. Do not get me started on the spiralling sot of this venture either – £132 for a velux blind, who knew?! I have my markers meeting on Wednesday then the marking will commence in earnest. That could be interesting this year too!!!! It will probably also necessitate a break from the blogosphere.

35 weeks 5 days bump:SAM_8118 SAM_8119

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