Wet weekend

We started the weekend off with a nice treat. Billy and Scott dropped me off at work on Friday for a boys day out. They went swimming and then for some lunch. Scott had heaps of mashed potatoes which Billy just loved!!! They then went to softplay before picking me up at work and we all headed to the cinema to see Cinderella. Unfortunately I missed the Frozen short as I had to go back to my work when I realised I’d forgotten my phone, but we all really enjoyed Cinderella. It was fairly traditional in terms of following the fairy tale which suited Scott just fine. It meant he knew what was going to come up next so would declare; “Here comes the fairy godmother” etc. However, when I tried to show him Cinderella movie based toys the next day he was having none of it and wouldn’t go near “girls toys”!


We have been a bit spoiled by the nice weather recently so I wasn’t used to waking up to pouring rain. Scott still managed to spend a fair bit of Saturday out playing though. Billy took Scott to Mini Kickers and got him a haircut afterwards. We then made a trip to Glasgow to pick up a few baby related things. I was pleased to see Scott gently stroking the “baby” in the cot in John Lewis. Phew!

A bit of bribery for the shopping:

SAM_8037 SAM_8038

On Sunday the rain has been fairly incessant much to Scott’s chagrin. I managed a dryish 3 mile run though. I had to take a couple of walk breaks due to round ligament pain, but I am pleased to still be moving (if only just!).SAM_8040

Billy was at the Scotland game today and left at lunchtime. The lousy weather limited our options so I took Scott to Funworld. He wasn’t so keen to play himself today, or find friends, so I spent a bit of time trailing after him. He was solicitous enough to tell me that when we come with the baby he will look after the baby while I go and get him a slushie!

He showed everyone he saw the spider on his Scotland strip:SAM_8044 SAM_8048

SAM_8050 SAM_8052 SAM_8053 SAM_8054 SAM_8056 SAM_8060 SAM_8061 SAM_8066When we got back, Scott was desperate to go out and play, but the rain has only let off briefly. I am really hoping for good outdoor weather after Junior arrives or I will be stuck indoors with a very cranky Scott!

I am now 34 weeks 5 days pregnant. I was supposed to see the midwife on Wednesday, but my appointment was cancelled which I was pretty scunnered about. By the time I go again it will have been 9 weeks since seeing a community midwife which doesn’t really seem acceptable, but hey ho I don’t have any specific pregnancy complaints. Unless chronic tiredness and chronic heartburn counts! I am finding the sharp jabs of Junior’s movements more painful than I remember last time round. I don’t know if this means I am expecting a bigger baby this time, or if my selective memory has erased that particular pain. I certainly haven’t forgotten about labour last time round and have found myself waking at night feeling slightly panicked by it all. I do realise this is completely pointless as by hook or by crook the baby will need to come out somehow! We now have Scott’s room painted, but carpeting is still to come and my anxiety is not going to recede until I have everything sorted.


34 weeks 5 days Bump. My photographer is still out after the football so I had to this by myself:

photo 1 photo 2

Scott’s body clock is still adjusting to BST. 9.15 before I finally got peace! 🙂

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