I am so tired when it gets to the weekend at the moment and all I want to do is lie down and sleep! I can comfortably be in bed by 9pm and am still exhausted next morning. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever feel myself again. The crazy dreams have also kicked in and I really have the fear about getting Junior out. Ignorance really was bliss first time round.

Yesterday I did what will probably be my last Mini Kickers for a while. Next week Billy is off so he can take Scott, then it will be the Easter Holidays for a few weeks after which time I fully expect to be ready to pop! Scott tells me that he is “an expert” at football now, particularly heading. (I think he has been watching too much Daddy Pig being a “bit of an expert”!) I tried to explain that Paul the coach is the expert, but apparently Scott puts himself on the same par. We also had an Ikea trip to pick up some furniture for Scott’s new room. Painting starts this week, but I am rather fearful of how little energy I am going to have to get it sorted when the work is complete. We have boxes everywhere as Scott’s new bed arrived this week too. I also ordered our new pram. Annoyingly our old pram is discontinued so I have been unable to get the replacement parts I needed for that and it has been a bit of a saga getting all the different accessories for the new Bob pram as so many stockists have been out of stock. Anyway, hopefully I am sorted in that department now. Just need to get it up and running and figured out next!

Next week is Easter bonnet week at nursery. We kept it simple:


After I got back from Ikea yesterday I was totally pooped. A bit dizzy and completely washed out. Again I uttered the “never again” mantra that I have been using throughout this pregnancy! I was in bed by 9 and had a long lie til 8.20 this morning and am still done in. Billy took Scott to a nursery pal’s birthday party this morning:


I finally dragged my carcass out for a trot and only managed 2 miles. I think this is maybe the point that I jacked in the running last time round, but we’ll see. My back is starting to give me some bother and I also have a bit of pelvic pain. (I am told that this is the pelvic bones loosening up in preparation for labour – eek!)


This afternoon, we enjoyed a lovely play date at another nursery pal’s house and then here we are again, another week done!

33 weeks 5 days bump:




🙂 🙂 🙂

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