Mothers Day

I feel I have to apologise for this week’s post starting off a bit like a readers’ recipes page from Woman’s Own, but Saturday was quite a productive day baking and cooking wise. I made a pinata cake for Mothers Day for my mum.

It is just a regular Victoria Sandwich with some excavation work to make room for the sweets:



I then covered both halves with buttercream icing and jam. Scott was desperate to help and I was pleased to see he did a very good job with this and wasn’t as heavy-handed as I had feared:SAM_7999 SAM_7998SAM_8000

He then rewarded himself with some taste testing;SAM_7996

Now, the bit that Scott really wanted to get involved in was the “Play-Do”;SAM_8001 SAM_8003

I had an assortment of different ready-roll icing colours so mixed them for a psychedelic combination:SAM_8004Scott cleverly came up with the idea of a Wizard of Oz cake – with the Yellow Brick Road. Damn, if only I had thought of that as a theme earlier!SAM_8006He got really into making this cake and was mainly helpful. Hopefully a sign of things to come!SAM_8014I had to work way outside of my comfort zone in that we made this before Mini Kickers and then had to leave with the kitchen in total chaos. By this I mean, icing everywhere – floor to ceiling, dishes stacked high and masses of stickiness. I am coming to try and accept that it is okay if we make a mess (and this was a major one) as long as we enjoy the making.

Scott was outside playing most of the day on Saturday so I managed to get the tea made with almost no interruptions:SAM_8007 SAM_8009

Roasted tomatoes (with garlic, chilli flakes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil) on tagliatelle tossed with Ricotta cheese. Billy would not accept this meatless offering, so his was also served with Rump Steak! I am almost entirely meat free at the moment. I have totally gone off it and am almost vegetarian.

I am now 32 weeks, 5 days pregnant so starting to feel in the home straight. The heartburn is still horrendous and I do have days of quite bad Braxton Hicks contractions, but I am thankful to still to be mobile and able to do things like Mini Kickers with Scott. In terms of Scott’s new room, painter is now booked as is carpet. Really hoping we can make it in time!

I managed 4 miles today at a slow trot – roughly about 10 minute miles:


These were my lovely Mothers Day Offerings from Scott – truffles, a bracelt and a card. (Billy did also get me some lovely chocolates!)SAM_8011Billy kept insisiting that I eat the truffles. I wonder why!

32 weeks 5 days bump:SAM_8016 SAM_8017

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