Apparently Spring is here. Not that the weather would confirm this. Scott is learning about Spring at nursery and had homework of a Spring picture so we made a vase of flowers on Saturday:

SAM_7977 SAM_7979 SAM_7983

We then had Mini-Kickers which seemed to involve far too much bending over this week. I am heartburn city at the moment and any bending over or lying down exacerbates the situation. I am sure people think I am a wino when they see me in the car guzzling straight from the Gaviscon bottle! I have a bottle a week habit at the moment.

After football, Scott helped me to make the tea. Of all things to make with a 4 year old, kebabs is probably not recommended. Lots of stabbing and squirting of tomatoes and assorted chicken and vegetables sloshed about the floor. The surviving kebabs tasted nice though.

Yesterday we also had cousin Jude’s birthday party which Scott was mega over-excited about.


Scott’s obsession with ages and numbers continues and last night he decided he wanted to do sums instead of stories! Definitely not taking after his mother in that department. “Doing sums” involves us both using our fingers and toes to add up various number calculations. I often have no idea whether I am coming or going with the constant barrage of numerical questions. It starts literally from opening my eyes in the morning and lasts till he counts himself to sleep at night. I may end up going insane with it.

Our home renovations saga is continuing as we await a painter to begin phase 2. I am so anxious to get it done. We are still living in chaos and I hate it so much! I feel helpless to start getting anything else organised till the place is painted and carpeted.

SAM_7986 SAM_7987I surprisingly had a good run today. I had quietly told myself that I was probably done with running. It has been well over a week since I had my trainers on and I expected things to be uncomfortable today. However, I went out without a watch and managed about 3 miles, no walking and no discomfort. My engine room is definitely a lot hotter at the moment than normal though, so I need to watch not to overheat. We’ll see how things go as to whether this continues.


31 weeks 5 days bump:

SAM_7990 SAM_7991I will make no complaint about symptoms this week, and just be thankful that the baby is still in here cooking away!

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