Cocktails and contractions

Last weekend started with this;photo 1

And ended like this:photo 4

Billy and I had two lovely nights away in luxury at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh while Scott was entertained by Granny and Grandpa. On Friday night we had  a wee walk and chanced upon a great wee French restaurant. We then headed back to the hotel bar where I had a delicious virgin cocktail and we enjoyed bar snacks and dominos!

We had breakfast delivered to our room both days:


And the evening turn-down service included a weather report for the next day:


We spent a fair bit of time in the wonderfully relaxing spa and I had a massage treatment. We also had a wander round the shops (separately – we are individual shoppers!) and I took a walk up Calton Hill.


SAM_7959 SAM_7957

On Saturday evening we had an early dinner in the Hotel Brasserie before heading to Dirty Dancing the Musical at the Playhouse.

photo 2

Unfortunately I didn’t make it through dinner. I started getting very uncomfortable with sore tummy and crampy contractions. I left Billy to enjoy his dessert and had a half hour lie down in our room before the theatre. I didn’t really get comfortable again the rest of the night and thought I was going to melt in the heat of the theatre. The production was excellent thought and Billy as an uberfan really enjoyed it! We rounded off our day watching Match of the Day. (Which I normally only catch on repeat on a Sunday morning!)

On Sunday morning we enjoyed some more spa time before checking out and having another wee wander before a spot of lunch. By the time we were leaving, my stomach had taken another horrible turn and I was having painful contractions all the way home. When we got back I phoned the Maternity Outpatient department and was advised to report for a check-up. The baby monitoring revealed that the baby is doing well with a regular heartbeat and plenty of movement. I was still experiencing painful contractions so had a Fetal fibronectin test to detect the likelihood of imminent labour. Fortunately this test came back negative so fingers crossed baby is staying put for a while longer. Because of the unexplained contractions I was kept in overnight in the maternity unit. It was slightly scary being there so soon and I was glad to get released the next day. I am really hoping that I am not going to be plagued with these pains for the next 9 weeks though. I have also managed to catch a cold so am feeling a tad miserable and sorry for myself. I have started to prepare a hospital bag…just in case. We also need to get our house in order soonish…just in case! 🙂

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