Clear out

I spent a lot of Saturday trying to keep Scott out of the way as Billy has been working on project “clearing out the loft”. The loft is soon to become Scott’s Big Boy Bedroom so we need to get cracking. Building work starts on Monday to get rid of the chimney stack, move the radiators, put in a dividing wall and door. Needless to say I am going to be deeply uncomfortable for the next few days as we have boxes everywhere and keeping the floors clean is impossible. I can’t wait for it to be finished! Billy was ably assisted by his Dad and brother on Saturday morning to lift boxes out to the hire van and take them to the dump or for storage until the work has been completed. Meanwhile I was trying to keep Scott out the way. We went to Mini Kickers and then Scott played out for a while.

SAM_7943Yes, it was cold, but he insisted on wearing only his football clothes!

In the afternoon, we took a trip to Funworld which was mobbed. At least he could burn off some energy.SAM_7945

On Saturday evening Scott and I had a movie night and watched Maleficent which Scott enjoyed. He originally wanted the lights off, but decided the film was too scary for that! It was a bit more complicated than your regular fairy tale in that Maleficent was both bad and good which Scott couldn’t quite get his head round.

The cleared out loft – with the soon to be gone chimney stack. Bring on the white paint! (Scott did inform yesterday that he wanted pink and purple walls and a black carpet. Maybe interior design is not going to be his thing!)SAM_7947


I found myself browsing through some boxes of old stuff and found some of my old university final exam papers. Scary how transient and temporary that knowledge was. Almost all of it gone, with the essay questions now seeming like another world and another language. In a week when the car broke down twice and I was dependent on the AA and the local garage to rescue me I became aware again of wishing I had a skill. That History and Politics degree with all its talk of dealignment, referenda, comparing the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan doesn’t seem to help very much with anything. A brain full of useless (though to me so interesting) facts, theories and analysis. Nothing that build, fix, cure, cut hair, create. Kind of sad to think. I might need to commit myself to learning some sort of practical, useful skill in my lifetime.

Today we took Scott swimming and I decided to replace my run with that. I did 32 lengths and was puggled!

photo 1

So puggled was I that I ended up paying for it literally with an expensive drink and biscuit in John Lewis cafe when I didn’t feel so great when we went on to Glasgow. Sitting in the cafe while Billy went to the comic shop felt like the easiest option.

photo 2

I am now 29 weeks 5 days pregnant. I am looking forward to getting to the 30 week landmark. I am still paranoid about premature labour this time round. I imagine it is probably owed in large part to panic about getting the house sorted in time and completing my SQA marking (3 weeks before official due date!) However, I have days when the Braxton Hicks contractions are bad and I think, gulp! I am hoping my tiredness can be eased slightly by the iron tablets I have been put on. My routine blood tests came back low so I have 3 doses a day to take. That now takes me up to 4 pills a day to remember to take! I am getting plenty of wriggling and moving from junior these days and my ribcage still seems to be a favourite resting place.

29 weeks 5 days bump.

SAM_7948 SAM_7949Keep hanging in there, Junior!

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