Love is…….

I made the mistake of making a fairly complicated cake on Saturday morning. The whole process shot my patience to pieces and I think it may be the last of the long bakes for a good while. I am finding standing quite uncomfortable at the moment. I visited the midwife through the week and she told me that my blood pressure is very low and asked if I ever feel faint. Well, the answer to that is quite a lot and she hilariously told me that I should not stand in any queues. “Just say, I need to go to the front of the queue or I will faint.” I can just see that working in Morrisons! Anyway, prolonged cooking and baking stints are probably not going to be all that uncomfortable and worse than that Scott was literally tugging at my skirt tails all morning long. I let him help which involved a tub of soured cream getting dropped across the kitchen floor and numerous chocolate smears throughout the house. I feel bad for wanting an off switch, but from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning the questions ( Mainly age and number related at the moment) start. That and the demands to play with him, get him something to eat. We had a very fractious morning and I was worn out and harassed by the end of it. Of course, this experience also heightens my anxiety of how I will cope with two kiddos simultaneously. I cannot imagine how he is going to tolerate me sitting for an hour feeding a baby. The worries second time round seem a lot more. Ignorance was bliss the first time, I suppose. A crappy Saturday morning kind of set the tone for the weekend and I have been an emotional wreck since. I now what is involved in looking after a baby, and I know it is damn hard. Again, the midwife is happy to assure me of how much is easier the second time round. Well, I will soon find out.

This is a Great British Bake Off Devil’s Food Cake that I adapted to include a Pinata theme. I have been meaning to do a Pinata cake for ages so am glad I finally did it. I think I would add more sweets next time, though. Inside we have Peanut M&Ms and Mini Eggs – my Valentine’s favourites. I also fashioned the white chocolate topping into a corny heart!

SAM_7917 SAM_7919


Love is in the air:


My dismal mood was cemented when we tried to start the car on Saturday and it wouldn’t go. AA membership and new car battery purchased. Great! Just what I wanted to be spending £265 on with a baby round the corner.

I have felt blah for the rest of the weekend. Being in bed by 9pm feels so rock and roll and despite the early night I woke up tired and cranky again today. I took no pleasure in my run and feel like that is being ripped away from me. I started feeling round ligament pain before I had even managed half a mile and had to have a pattern of jog run for the rest of the 4 miles.

Bit of method acting – look glum:SAM_7926

Scott keeps asking when it is going to be Spring and Summer and I feel exactly the same way. I long for some warmth and the end to scraping windows and wearing hats and gloves.

We went to Eglinton park today which always feels like a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. Our game of baseball was quickly curtailed when Scott managed the perfect pitch directly into the bin.


We had a wander up to the “castle” and Scott loved climbing the ruins:

SAM_7933 SAM_7934 SAM_7935

28 weeks 5 days bump:

SAM_7940 SAM_7941

This is kind of how the weekend has gone:

SAM_7942 Always a step ahead!

Symptom wise I am still experiencing contractions most days, although the fact that there is no pattern is a small comfort. The midwife thinks the baby is measuring long which may explain the rib pain I am feeling. My stomach feels ready to pop. I wish I could get a good night’s sleep as I keep waking up and don’t feel comfortable. This probably doesn’t help the daytime tiredness and crankiness!

Oh well, back to the questions from around 6.30am tomorrow!

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